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Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a disease of the human immune system caused by the human immune deficiency virus (HIV).
During an initial infection a person may experience a brief period of influenza like infections and illness. Prolonged periods without treatment cause death. The disease includes tumors, opportunistic infections and damage of the immune system. Transmission of HIV/AIDS is caused by several ways, sexually, exchange of body fluids like blood, serum and saliva and also from mother to child.
For the awareness of the people there are a lot of Government and Non-Government organizations that have been founded. These organizations have various ...view middle of the document...

Out of 80%, 28% HIV/AIDS patients are in Victoria. Hence Victoria stands second highest in Australia for Gay men transmission.
In addition, an internet search was conducted to determine the strategic and prevention of AIDS/HIV through gay men. An Australian organization has been developed for the control of HIV/AIDS through gay men, but the ideas and strategies to control HIV/AIDS by Gay Men Health Care was primarily on HIV/AIDS affected patients.
Finding the Needs Analysis:-
Identifying the Needs:-
Due to the high risk rate of AIDS/HIV transmission with a single contact of HIV virus, the growth rate of AIDS is increasing rapidly. Normally HIV is transmitted by unprotected sex (male and male, female and female and also male and female), drug users, sharing needles and syringes and blood transfusion. HIV can also be transmitted from a mother who has HIV/AIDS to a child during pregnancy, birth or via breastfeeding.
On 31 December 2010; 30,486 diagnosis of HIV infection had occurred in Australia. An estimated 21,391 people were living with diagnosed HIV infection in Australia at the end of 2010, 14% of cases of HIV infection were newly diagnosed in Australia in 2010.
Victoria has the 2nd largest HIV epidemic in Australia, behind New South Wales. At the end of 2010, there were approximately 5,722 people with HIV in this state. Almost 80% of the HIV infected in Victoria was spread through Gay Men Intercourse.
To help control Gay men transmission of HIV/AIDS, Victorian AIDS Council / Gay Men’s Health Center was formed in 1983 as the central part of the Victorian community’s response to HIV. This was funded primarily to deliver health promotion, care and support to those living with HIV or those who are at risk of HIV.
According to reports of Gay Men's health care in 1983, Australia’s first AIDS death occurred in Melbourne, in 1987. The rate of AIDS cases was increasing sharply and there was demand for home care, nursing, counseling, transportation and financial aid.
In 2005 there had been 22,361 people diagnosed with HIV and 6,668 deaths have occurred. But out of 22,361 the Gay men HIV/AIDS transmission was 14,021 about 68.7%. In 2010 an estimated of 21,291 Gay men with HIV/AIDS were diagnosed in Australia. This was a sharp raise of transmission in Gay men, about 23.6 %.
Gay Men Health Care is trying to understand the links between Psychological Mechanism, Health behavior and emotional experiences in HIV positive men who have sex with men. This is novel research which is basically done by an anonymous 30 minute online survey.
The new aims of Gay Men Health Care are
• Aim 1: To review the existing evidence base regarding HIV and ageing in Australia and internationally, including psychosocial issues, service models and policy.
• Aim 2: To estimate the epidemiological profile of HIV and ageing in Victoria, including current and projected numbers of people living with HIV in specific age strata and estimated burden of major...

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