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Aib Strategic Op Issues Essay

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study pack for this subject contains the following materials:
- These learning materials, including the following:
- Subject Overview (which includes the introduction, subject content, list of resources and assignment), and
- Topics
- Sample Exams
- Articles
- Supplementary Resources (if any)
The information contained in your study pack has been designed to lead you through your learning process.
Note that the learning materials are not a replacement for the textbook.
Learning materials for each topic in the subject are based on specific chapters in the textbook. You should read the textbook along with these learning materials, and concentrate your study on the issues raised.
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It is no coincidence that the Institute’s strap-line is ‘The Practical Business School’. Indeed, our very mission is
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712SFI Strategic Finance Issues Subject Overview
to provide distinctive business and management education in national and international environments based on AIB’s orientation towards work-applied learning.
So how do we do this and how will you experience the difference? The answer is that learning from the workplace is embedded in all aspects of your course. Let us see how this works in practice.
Practitioner experience as entry requirement for students
For a start, most students will already have experience of the workplace and in postgraduate programmes this is a prerequisite. This will enable you to see whether theories make sense in practice and, in turn, to bring real-life problems to the classroom. You will very quickly find, too, that you can also learn from each other, sharing experiences and looking for solutions.
Academic facilitators with practical experience
Of course, all of our facilitators are required to have appropriate academic qualifications, as well as relevant workplace experience. With this background, they can bring interesting examples into classroom discussions. In addition, with our international coverage we are very keen that facilitators can relate the various subjects to conditions in different parts of the world, making it all much more meaningful to you as the student.
Design of courses and learning materials
Work-applied research is integrated in all of our courses. This is why we include a work-based assignment in every subject in our undergraduate as well as postgraduate programmes. It is also why you will be asked to undertake at least one work-based research project in the course of your studies. With the guidance of an experienced project supervisor, you will be able to explore a topic of your own choosing, ideally based on a problem that you want to address in the workplace.
Teaching and learning strategies
Even the way you learn will often be more like a workplace situation than a traditional classroom. You will be encouraged to work in groups and to share your understanding of...


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