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Becoming “Agreeable” without any support
The word “negligence” means a failure to exercise proper or normal care expected of a reasonably person in like circumstances of something or someone, it is marked by a carelessly easy manner. Some people having important responsibilities are reckless of their action’s consequences. In “Agreeable”, Jonathan Franzen illustrates through characterization how suffering children with negligent parents put their energy in something positive to push their own limits and encourage themselves. Through Patty’s character the author described how adult’s involving and responsibilities are important in children life. He also illustrates how parents can be either ...view middle of the document...

Also, parents are required to protect their children since those one have access to less resources. When Patty comes home with “bruises and unhappy demeanor” (Franzen 48) Joyce doesn’t notice. But Coach Nagel does, she “got suspicious and spied on her in the locker room. Sat Patty down in her office and confronted her” (Franzen 48). Needless to say that Joyce is not observant, which a responsible parent is supposed to be. Besides, parents are required in important events of their children’s life too. “How had it happened that she [Joyce] hadn’t come to the first round of the state tournament, when Patty had broken the all-time Horace Greeley girls’ tournament scoring record with thirty-two points?” (Franzen 51) That affected Patty even more since “everybody else’s mother had found time to come to that game.” (Franzen 51) She would have appreciated recognition of her mother, like any other child need. Lack of parental motivation and support leads Patty to manage herself and to an early coming of age. It also permits to Patty to find an inspirational resource in her sport teams.
Many people aspire to have a successful career but at which price? Instead of being ashamed about Patty’s rape, Joyce seems to be more concerned about her relationship with the influential family the Posts. “Oh, I wish it had been almost anybody else. Dr. and Mrs. Post are such good friends of – good friends of so many good things” (Franzen 51). Ironically Joyce doesn’t say she wishes that Patty had never been rape. Instead she wishes that it was not Ethan who did. Her and her mother have a really distant relationship. The only moment that Joyce tries to be comforting by calling Patty “sweetie” (Franzen 52) it turned out to sound totally unnatural, “like the first word of a foreign language she was learning” (Franzen 52). Her mother is so selfish and careerist that she doesn’t think of Patty’s bitterness, “Do you think it might be enough if Ethan formally apologized to you?” (Franzen 52) How a mother does even think of this as a solving? Joyce and Patty just don’t get along; they don’t seem to have any attachment to one another. This is why at the end Patty affirmed that she “was beyond caring what Joyce did, and told her so” (Franzen 57). While Joyce prioritizes her career relationship, she neglects her family’s ones which are becoming really unsentimental and are unfortunately irreversible.
Like Joyce, Ray has a good career, but working in law made him disconnect with his feelings. Patty’s...

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