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Aging Work Force And Health Care

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One of the largest industries to be facing a Human Resources issue is the Health Care industry. The downsizing of the healthcare workforce that will result as Baby Boomers retire is upwards of 28%. There is a growing need for qualified, non-generalized employees in the medical field. Coming with the need for employees for the medical positions will be a need for additional HR and IT personnel.
The Healthcare field is constantly changing, and HR in this field is projected to fall behind in the coming future. One of the biggest concerns for in future HR trends is that the Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce. This is not an issue by itself, but when paired with the lack of skilled workers ...view middle of the document...

As a result of the recent emphasis placed on recruiting and retention, it has become evident that there is a renewed focus on HR Management and the need for better technology to manage human resources. A case can be made that healthcare institutions have lagged in this area relative to other industries. In order for the health care industry to meet the needs of the health workers, the will also need more skilled IT and HR personnel.

The Health Care industry needs to change the way it does business. It is important that emphasis is placed on creating a more patient friendly way to bill customers.
HR will play a role in this, as they will be tasked with finding the employees needed to implement the changes. Healthcare is notorious for being behind in the IT department. It will be critical to implement changes regarding IT for billing and payment option.
Finding Qualified HR employees will be critical to finding qualified medical workers.

Core competencies are another area that needs focus from HR. Within the healthcare industry, the ability to measure competencies of employees is critical in predicting if the healthcare staff and other professionals are able to provide quality services and the highest level of Patient care. Where as goals and objectives describe what you want from the staff, competencies take into account the actual behavior and how you want given...

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