Agile Care Team Model Essay

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Agile Care Team model

Agile Care Team model
The current concern in most health care organizations is to devise the appropriate ways that will embrace the management of the departments within the premise. That should create, update, and continuously improve health care delivery aligned with the triple aim initiative. Mostly, their primary goal is to provide appropriate levels of patient care as well as care quality. Additionally, they target the patients and member population as well as well as the optimization of the costs for health care delivery. Thus, health care providers should learn from and implement Lean methodologies since the ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the agile team model is just an improvement on the current state of acute care. For instance, the implementation of the expert systems within the health care systems is prudent since it will allow remote access to various services. Additionally, expert systems can solve various complex processes that human beings find challenging to execute. Imagine of a manual the system that offers remote services to the clients. It will have an interdisciplinary care team in remote locations at various control centers. They have the ability to plan, monitor, and administer health care services to patients in hospitals and homes in different parts of the world such as Florida. The system embraces the multiple electronic data transfer interfaces to communicate to the various teams. Moreover, the system uses robots to administer treatments. Additionally, it can employ unlicensed staff to complete the task. They can use different devices such as Bluetooth, webcams and other information transfer devices to communicate to their respective team leaders.
Development Team for the Agile Care Team model
The approach helps to access remote locations hence improving the quality of service delivery in various regions. Patients do not have to move for miles to access the services in different hospitals. Again, it cuts on costs since it only requires the management of the facilities. According to Hughes (2006), robots and other information system replace the highly trained providers in executing most of the complex tasks. Again, there is a decrease in the error rates since the providers focus on the treatment plan rather than the distractions at the care scene such medication administrations, completing paperwork and moving patients. The medical center seizes to exist as a place but as a collection of inpatient and outpatient facilities. In fact, it interconnects patient homes through a shared information technology infrastructure. Hence, it fails to define care by episodic events such as a hospital stay, but rather by the episode of care required across settings and the ability of the providers to recover from an illness as well as to manage an exacerbation of a chronic disease.
Evaluation of Agile Care Team model
The approach makes it possible...

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