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Age Of Accountability Essay

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Ron Chesbrough, author, “From Animal House to Big Brother: Student Privacy and Campus Safety in an Age of Accountability,” talks about the how secondary schools pose a higher eminent danger and their surroundings from any acts of violence. In regards to the shootings of the Virginia Tech, the privacy rights of the students and the safety of the community are more needed than ever before. With this said, institutions and professionals are left clueless with what is a great way to govern and protect the student privacy rights. Hi technologies and savvy gadgets popping up this days, it may seem like it can be avoided and detect which problems or situations arises in the midst of ...view middle of the document...

While it posses a great deal of safety, it doesn’t sit well when the schools are being held accountable for their students safety from certain authorities. In the past, schools have never communicated to parents and appropriate authorities about such problems and this deemed the certain steps needed to practice such safety precautions. But until then, debate in such matter will lead to a bigger discussion and disagreement that should be taken in place than later.

Chesbrough also states that, “chilling in the present environment is the relative lack of these types of safeguards in the face of clear and repeated evidence of our need for them. What is discomforting is the unease we feel at the intersection of student privacy rights and community safety and it is discomforting not just for student affairs practitioners, but also for students, staff, faculty, and parents alike”. It is safe to say that staff and professional individuals from institution are taking necessary steps to protect and doing whatever they can to practice and put in effect the rules and regulations in place. Not only did Chesbrough made it clear that safety is needed but he mentioned that, “due diligence takes a new meaning in light of commitments like those described to attempt to discern and report potential threats to safety”.
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