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After School Jams Essay

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Chapter 1
Nightlife or after-school jam is the collective term for any amusement that is available and more popular from the late evening to the early morning. Nightlife includes the public houses, night clubs, discotheques, bars, live music, concert, shows and sometimes restaurant that has cover charge for admission, and make their money on alcoholic beverages. Nightlife was supposed to be oriented for adults, but nowadays, teenagers preferably high school students are also engaged in this kind of verve.
The effects of after- school jams of students has not been well examined. There has been no previous study that focuses on the effect of after- ...view middle of the document...

The schema of the study is shown in Figure 1.1. The schema presents the operational framework of the study. It is made up of three boxes containing the variables. Inside the first box is the independent variable on the after- school jams of students from ZNNHS Turno Campus along with the indicators, namely: sense of personal worth, sense of personal freedom, feeling of belongingness, social standards, social skills, and family relations. The second box, on the other hand, is the dependent variable on academic performance along with the indicators, namely: participation, mental, physical, and social. The box of the independent variable and that of the dependent variable are separated by an arrow. The pointing of the arrow to the dependent variable shows that there exists a relationship between the two variables. The third box, found below, contains the extraneous variables: the gender, age, civil status, and economic status. Two arrows are connected from the extraneous variables, each one connected to the independent variables and dependent variables showing the interconnectedness between these variables.

Independent Variable
Dependent Variable

Student’s Academic Performance
* participation
* mental
* physical
* social

After-school Jams of students from ZNNHS Turno Campus
* sense of personal growth
* sense of personal freedom
* feeling of belongingness
* social standards
* family relations

* gender
* age
* economic status
* religion
* economic status
* type of family
* family size

Figure 1.1 Schema of the Study

Statement of the Problem
The study aimed to determine relationship between after- school jams and academic performance of selected Senior students in ZNNHS Campus II during the school year 2011-2012.
Specifically, it sought answers to the following questions:
1. What is the profile of the students in terms of:
2.1 gender;
2.2 age;
2.3 family size;
2.4 religion;
2.5 family type;
2.6 economic status?
2. What is the level of participation in the after- school jams of selected Senior students in ZNNHS Campus II students when grouped according to:
3.7 gender;
3.8 age;
3.9 family size;
3.10 religion;
3.11 family type;
3.12 economic status?
3. What is the level of academic performance of selected Senior students in ZNNHS Campus II when grouped according to:
4.13 gender;
4.14 age;
4.15 family size;
4.16 religion;
4.17 family type;
4.18 economic status?
4. Is there a significant relationship between after- school jams and academic performance of Senior students?

On the...

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