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After Recession, How Yohji Yamamoto Protect The Businese?

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Case Study for Yohji Yamamoto
After Recession, How Yohji Yamamoto Protect His Business? Compare with Comme des Garcons.

University for the Creative Art
Directed by Mo Tomaney Written by Yu-Han, Lin (Monica) Date: 19th January 2012 MA Fashion Management and Marketing

Yohji Yamamoto is a Japanese poet, a philosopher of Eastern aesthetics, and as known, he is a fashion designer. When people talk about Yohji Yamamoto, it seems impossible to discuss his early work without referencing Rei Kawakubo. Both of them were born in the war era, obviously, it can be told from their collections that the later stage of the Second World War left some significant influences. Their ...view middle of the document...

I want to find something nobody has ever found… it is meaningless to create something predictable.” (Kawakubo, 2004 cited in English. 2011: 74) Interestingly, these two visionary Japanese designers presented their first collection together in Tokyo in 1976 and then Paris in 1981. The designers seemed to share the same vision and the same philosophy, might also basically shared the same success in business. However, after reached the top point of its sales volume with120 billions Yen per month in August 1999, the number decreased dramatically, with only 75 billions Yen per month in August 2009. In comparison, Comme des Garcons keep busy to collaborate with numerous brands and make money from its endless collaborations. And the result of its aggressive marketing strategies is that the company’s annual grosses growing in evidence, with 14 billions Yen every year. Comme des Garcons knows very well the way of surviving in such the bad time of economic, manipulating the market smartly with her unique marketing skills, and indeed, always surprise and satisfy the most customers. Contrast with Comme des Garcons, Yamamoto was too focus on his design work to neglect the finance situation.

Research Purpose
This research project aims to clarify the reasons of Yohji Yamamoto Inc.’s bankruptcy happened in 2009, and via referring Comme des Garcons’s business model and marketing strategies to specify what’s the difference between them in managing a business, and how could Yohji Yamamoto enhance its competitive advantage.

The secondary research was mainly adopted in this research project. Reading exclusively the books and the previous essays help me to understand Yohji Yamamoto and his business deeply, and also help me to understand some analysis tools and models of business. Besides, online research include the previous news, its official website, and videos which are some interview pieces and fashion shows. And also reviewed two documentary films recording the designer’s thought and process of preparing the fashion shows and exhibition etc. Shop visiting as the primary research is also adopted in this project. Although photographs is not allowed in the shop and the request of interviewing manager was being rejected, it is still helpful for analyzing the difference of visual merchandising style between Y’s and Comme des Garcons’ shop in London.

Fig.1. Drawn by Humor Chic, 2009

Business Analysis
The position of Yohji Yamamoto will be analyzed below. Its production is mainly designed for the group of office workers age from twenty-five to thirty-five years old.

The price is set at upper level from 500 Pounds to 1500 pounds, not as high as other luxury brands but also not as reasonable as other designer’s brands. And the products are generally unique and high quality. As to places, the stores are usually located in the expansive area of some big cities such as Paris, London and New York etc. Moreover, even though its promotion...

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