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Reflecting on the Results of Life Style Inventory

GM591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Part I: Personal Thinking Styles

After completing the LSI, the scores revealed that my primary thinking style, with a percent style of 90 percent, was Affiliative 2 o’clock position. The LSI describes Affiliative individuals as thriving and feeling comfort when in a group setting, valuing relationships in both a personal and business level, genuinely caring for others and motivating others to thrive. This style also lies under the Constructive style in the circumplex. The Constructive style, which lies above the 11, 12, 1, and 2 o’clock positions, describes how people are good at forming ...view middle of the document...

My backup thinking style, with also a 90 percent, was Dependent 5 o’clock position. I choose to pick this style versus a lesser percent style because I was most surprised by this result. LSI describes the Dependent style as people’s needs to please others, feel a sense of helplessness, easily influenced by others, having a lack of self respect which results in difficulty to accomplish goals and tasks. Dependent people tend to follow and often feel that their efforts do not make a difference. This style lies under the Passive/Defensive style in the circumplex, which lies above the 3, 4, 5, and 6 positions. The Passive/Defensive styles describe behavior that fulfils personal security needs when interacting with others (LSI). Initially, after viewing the results and seeing that I also scored high under Dependent style, I disagreed with the results. I view myself as an independent person, a leader, a person most people depend on, very social, and self motivated to accomplish goals. However, after some thought I do have to agree that I attribute some dependent behaviors. For example, as a newly hire Customer Support Specialist I felt very dependent on others for help when performing transactions in our SAP system. I didn’t feel comfortable processing orders and asked for help often. This resulted in my feeling helpless and unaccomplished. Another example of my being dependent is, when asked about suggestions to better our team in Quarterly meetings, I often stay quiet and listen to other’s suggestions because I feel that my ideas are not good enough or won’t be addressed. Another behavior that is dependent that I often struggle with is my inability to say “no” to people. I want people to accept me, so to please them, I agree to many things. When asked to translate for other departments, even though I am not obligated to, I accept, even if I am to stay over to complete my daily tasks. No is not a word I often use. I volunteered to be a children’s Bible school teacher at my church because I didn’t want to disappoint my mother and the sister who asked me. They influenced me tremendously and got me to accept. I was not aware of these dependent behaviors until now. Therefore, the Dependent style is one that is limiting me to succeed in my professional growth. My goal, after receiving my MBA with a concentration of Human Resource, is to manage an HR department. As a leader, one can’t have such dependent behaviors. As a leader must be able to lead and not rely on others for direction or have others easily influence you. The dependent behavior, that I have recently realized I have and would like to change, is self doubting. I often doubt my own decisions for feel of failure. I feel safer following status quo than coming up with new ideas that might lead to failure and humiliation. For example, if I never address my self doubting behavior and I become a manager of a customer service department, when asked to come up with a strategy to minimize the manual...

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