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African Time According To Mbiti Essay

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The idea of time according to Mbiti, has been questioned by many people whether Mbiti had done correct research in clarifying time basing on traditional way of life. Also to say that African had no concept of time, Mbiti might be correct or wrong depending to the judgment and interpretation of the researcher. The matter is to understand why he based to such a conclusion that is very unique ending we are no sure at all, if all African could join Mbiti.
Mbiti’s concept of time could have a meaning depending to the circumstance of his experience. But we could be more critical to him comparing our understanding of African way of time; this can help us to arrive at judgment ...view middle of the document...

” Mbiti has said that African traditional concepts of time has two-dimensional phenomenon, which are with a long past, a present and virtually no future.
Therefore, Mbiti has explained that African had no idea of infinite future, that is the point which made Mbiti to be criticized by some African scholars because he look as if to be more western than to be African. Apart from that, Mbiti did not stand firmly in putting his opinion because he has put more hypothetical of concepts of time. For him he accepts that future is just potential time and not actual time. He has tried to show the progress of time by moving backward rather than forward; in this point he has tried to show the attention which African are taken in considering time, African have just setting mind not on future things, but chiefly on events at hand.
2. The Historical Perspective of Time and Space
Philosophers are debating whether space and time is a thing in it self or just a concept that comes from our mind through discussion on this world. Or we ask our self can space it self be measured? Or practically is it part of our measurement system? Or how do we relate this concept of time with space and make space and time. Parmenides in his teaching said that empty space exist, would be the same as to say that what is not there exists. However Aristotle and René Descartes rejected this notion. The following considerations try to pinpoint what different philosophers said about this subject matter of space and time.
According to St. Augustine, time can be taken as subjective, just an inner felling of duration that flows in each human person life and to some people it causes anxiety worries, especially when we are thinking about death that no body will escape it . Some religious and Philosophers say that; time and space have a linear and irreversible character. He is the author who takes space and time as an object and reality.
On his side, Hegel is of the view that Space is empty just as being is in dominate, The interpretation of his words is that one end the nature launches emptiness and the other end it passes over the spirit. From words we can say that Hegel admits that space is a thing in itself.
Emmanuel Kant on the other hand, traces his words when he was writing the categories of thought and forms of intuitions, he said that we inevitably perceive a being in space and time but space and time are not ideas derived from the things we experience nor are only concepts. Space and time are encountered immediately intuition and are our the same time a priori or rather to put it more clearly, through space and time we always see objects of experience, figuratively speaking time and space is like tenses, we can see other object and therefore the space and time has been said as a thing in it self.
Potentiality and Actuality concept of Time
According to Mbiti the conceptual of time is not concern to African peoples in their traditional life for time is simply a...

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