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African Political Paper

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Steven Rousse
Prof Scott Roper
World Cultures and Geography
28 October 2014
Current Political Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa
In Africa there were signs of a shift toward democracy and also free elections. However, it seems as if any progress in this topic seems to be often halted by violence. Also wherever light of progress shines and free elections are held violence always ensues. Today Africa is facing many issues, and a very general topic that is a major problem is within its political system. These political problems include ethnic rivalry, geopolitics, Al Qaeda in Mali, refugees, and also democratization. The main issue that is holding back the political progress is violence ...view middle of the document...

Two things were very wrong with this; sometimes the different groups were very hostile toward each other. Second of all this hostility would make so that when the Africans gained their independence they would basically not be able to agree on anything, therefore not resolving anything. And by not resolving anything traditional ways of dealing with problems were eradicated and turned into civil war. So as you can very easily see whether or not the Europeans intended for this to happen; it was entirely their fault.
The next issue is the problem with geopolitics. As the United States and Russia’s grew so didn’t conflicts between different ethnic groups in Africa. After independence was finally gained in Africa, some government groups turned to the socialist models of economic development, and started to receive economic and military aid from the Soviet Union. All the while other government groups started to side with the United States and received the same type of aid. After gaining this aid, both sides tried to undermine each other’s African allies by arming and financing them. This caused major tension between the opposing forces and caused major conflicts. However the both sides of the Cold War failed to hold down any of the financial aid they used to help with sustainable development became a major stimulant for corruption. And once this source of funding was cut off, corrupt officials turned to selling natural resource sold as commodity. And again, conflicts broke out because of other countries’ influence.
The next issue is the fact that Al Qaeda is causing problems in Mali. So the problem began when the Tuareg ethnic group, who were used to being able to use the whole of the Sahara for hundreds of years without paying any attention to country borders. To have their right as a Nomadic group recognized they decided to seize the town of Kidal and the legendary trading city of Tombouctou. All the while Al Qaeda and other Jihadist groups moved across North Africa and eventually joined the Tuareg. Their plan was to take Northern Mali from the Tuareg and establish a regime based on Islamic Law. So what affect did this have on the government in Mali? Well the failed response to both the Tuareg and Al Qaeda in Mali irritated the Malian so much that they stage a Coup d’états in the town of Bamako in 2012. However, under sever criticism from the African Union the Malian army stepped down. After the Malian army stepped down a new government formed in Southern Mali in 2012. But the two groups tightened their grip around Northern Mali and started to have conflicts between themselves. This conflict severely damaged Mali’s tourist economy. The conflicts also led to tens of thousands of Northern Malians to leave the country. Once again another problem brought into Africa by someone else.
One thing that conflict creates is...

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