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African Leadership Essay

957 words - 4 pages

For Locally Administered Projects

PIN: _________________________ LOCAL SPONSOR: _________________________________________________

DATE: _______________________ CONTRACTOR:_________________________________________________________

Award: ___________ Orig. Completion Date: ___________ % Complete ________ Award Amount: $_________________

Interviewed: ___________________________________________ EIC ____ Res. Engr.____ Off Engr. ____ Inspt. ____

NYSDOT RLPL (or representative) Present During Review? YES NO ____________________________________

Local Sponsor Official Present During Review? YES NO ...view middle of the document...

Is retainage withheld from the payment by the local sponsor? YES NO What percentage? _________%

Please interview the project staff and document in your inspection report the process, including timeframes, in which pay estimates are reviewed and approved by the project staff, contractor, and local government.

The following steps should be taken to complete the Pay-Estimate Process Review:
1. Select a recent project pay estimate and select a representative number (12-15) of pay quantity items for review. Pay quantity items should be selected based on differing payment measures (e.g. each, lump sum, SQM, CM, etc.), which will provide information on how each type of measurement is processed.
2. With the assistance of NYSDOT project staff, a report should be generated from NYSDOT’s Computerized Engineer’s Estimate System (CEES) or equivalent, which details the IDRs that support the quantities billed on the selected pay estimate. This report should contain the IDR number and date, interim quantity, final...

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