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African Innsurrections On Board Slave Ships

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4th January 1610
Today, will be a day I will never forget. The day started off as usual, I helped my father in the fields while mom prepared a bag for me to carry with me to the other side of town. I was going to spend some time with my relatives who lived not far from where my family and I lived. It had been the custom for me to visit since my uncle died three months ago and left my aunt and two little cousins. My cousins and I were playing through the woods as we would normally do every day before going to the river to take a bath. After playing, we were heading to the river to take our bath when we stumbled upon a group of men who accused us of stealing from the chief of the ...view middle of the document...

18th January 1610
I could see the coast line and the vessel that he guards were speaking about a few days back. I couldn’t believe that this was going to be the last time I would see the land of my birth and my family. We had reached the area where we were shown to the persons purchasing us. They inspected us from head to toe ensuring that they were getting what they were paying for and that we were in good health with no deformities. Once this inspection was over and we passed the test we were placed on board the vessel. On board the vessels we remained shackled and the women and the children were placed separately from us the men.
19th January 1610
The condition upon the ship was horrible. It was the worst I had ever seen, the scent was despicable. We were placed tightly together. We were crammed. They made sure to use every inch of the space available. We were placed so close together that a simple thing as turning from side to another became a problem. We laid head to toe and though I wasn’t able to count how many of us there were I knew it was plenty because even the air to breathe was limited. We were stored as cargo the name that we were eventually called aside from Negroes. I couldn’t tell if the women were stored in the same manner, but I assumed so. The vessel was filled to capacity with little or no room left. We were now ready to be taken to the white man country. I lay on the bunk and listened as the ship sailed away and the familiar sounds of Africa became distant in my ear. In my memory it will always remain fresh. I will never forget this day for as long as I shall live.
25th January 1610
It has been six days since the vessel left the shores of Africa. I know this because the white man would come to check on the cargo each day. This was one of the arrangements I heard him make with the traders before we left Africa. The stench had gotten worse from the mass accumulation of feces from the persons who couldn’t make it to the makeshift toilets that were provided because of the shackles that restricted their movements. Some of the other men even willed themselves to die and this they did. They died. Others died from fevers and diseases from the inhumane conditions that we were kept in. I laid thinking of the lands I was being carried to. The lands where the white face men were in charge, and I would be their slave. I kept telling myself if I should make it to the end, I would never forget where I came from. I never wanted to be a slave; in fact I don’t think anyone of us wanted to be a slave but we were being forced into it.
3rd February 1610
Apparently someone felt sorry for us today and we were given the opportunity to get some fresh air. This will be the first time since being placed upon this ship I would be seeing the open seas. Our shackles were examined and again long chains were placed between them to ensure that we could not escape easily. When I arrived on the deck the smell of fresh...

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