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African Humanities Essay

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African Humanities
December 6, 2012
Gordon Rule Paper #2: Minutes of Glory
Beatrice was a girl that grew up in her mother’s village, full of love and happiness. She fell for a rich young man with a luxurious foreign car and he promised her the world. Shortly after he had sexual relations with her he left. She woke up alone never to see him again. She was heartbroken and felt that she couldn’t return to her mother’s village so she became a prostitute. This was the beginning to Beatrice’s identity and self-worth problems. She didn’t get as much attention as the other ...view middle of the document...

Even in the Hispanic culture there seems to be a hierarchy of self-worth and identity. The lighter skinned more Caucasian looking Hispanics such as the Argentinians, Brazilians, and Ecuadorians seem to be higher up in society than let’s say the Mexicans or Dominicans. Such racial prejudices are the primary reason for individuals having these feelings of low self-esteem and value. Self-identity should be a proud topic on how people identify themselves with respect and dignity, not worry about what they are supposed to be or look like but embrace themselves and their heritage.
In my opinion, Beatrice used the guy with a fancy Peugeot to validate her self-worth and when he left her the little self-worth she had was shattered. As a result she became a prostitute and her self-worth plummeted even more than before. Her self-worth wasn’t ever based on how she felt about herself rather she based her self-worth on what others thought or perceived of her. She needed validation from men to prove her self-worth. First she needed the guy with the Peugeot, then she needed her regular customer that fell asleep on her the first time she opened up to him. Even when she stole his money and went shopping in Nairobi the guy that she seduced with her “new” beauty validated her self-worth so that she could go back to Treetops bar and prove a point. She didn’t possess her own self-identity so she always relied on her peer’s validation.
Self- identity and self-worth depend heavily on how you were raised. Your parents...

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