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African Americans & The Revolutionary War

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There were many African Americans who fought in the Revolutionary War, both American and British armies. Some of the men that enlisted were men who were runaway slaves and joined on hopes of freedom. The documents discussed in this assignment were written by two African American men who were runaway slaves that fought in the Revolutionary War. One reading is a letter that was written to the U.S. Commissioner of Pensions and the other letter was written as Memoirs of the Life of Boston King. The readings consist of why they joined the army, their reasons for running away and their life after war.
Jehu Grant was an African American slave who was motivated to write his document after being denied pension. He felt that his explanations ...view middle of the document...

Both documents were written for public view and intended to inform African Americans as well as the courts. The readings were both produced long after the events took place. There is a lot of information in both reading that could possibly be history topics. Some include The Life after War for African Americans and another could be Reasons Slaves Run Away.
Jehu Grant and Boston King were two men that enlisted in the American Army for similar reasons but ran away for two very different reasons.
Jehu Grant was a runaway slave who felt that it was absolutely necessary for him to escape and join the army. He was motivated by the fear of being sent away and sold to the British. Jehu Grant received what he felt was happiness after he enlisted in the Army. He was thrilled and overjoyed by the songs of liberty that were sung and also by the faithfulness that he gave his country. He shortly after received his freedom but was still in need and had to receive and accept help from his friends.
Boston King was motivated to join the army by fear as well. Instead of being afraid of being sold to the British, he was afraid of the punishment that he would receive from his master. Boston King was given the privilege of borrowing a horse and the horse was taken away from him. Afterwards he was determined to escape because of the cruel punishment that he knew would come behind this situation. After serving in the British Army Boston King received the freedom that he so long yearned for, he was issued a Proclamation from the English saying that all slaves who served in the British lines shall be free. They were also given land, where they were able to build huts on. This Proclamation gave Boston King joy and thankfulness.

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