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African Americans Essay

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African Americans and the Struggle for Racial Equality
After the Civil War and the reorganizing of the Southern states, Black Americans inaugurated a crusade and difficult journey for sanctioned racial equality. Members of the Radical G.O.P. assisted Blacks by bringing forth legislations such as the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendment; however, White anti-Black supremacists in the Southern States ignored these laws and made certain that Blacks remained fearful, and away from the voting booths. Several strategies employed by the Whites hindered and kept Black Americans from acting upon their newfound Civil Rights laws. Some of these tactics included: poll ...view middle of the document...

Nevertheless, when this idea of independence did not proceed as plan in the eyes of the Blacks, they realized that they were powerless to force change so desired. The issue of genuine liberty for ex-slaves was considered a low priority and put into a state of temporary suspension succeeding the civil war; furthermore, majority White America were not prepared to recognize and approve of former slaves as equals, and support from other nations was none existence. Slavery was common for many nations throughout the world and society was convince that limiting the rights of others were the natural order of life; therefore the fight, and struggle became replacing the thought of slavery with the thought of freedom, and that every man was created equal.
Foner (1988) writes that whereas the Thirteenth Amendment liberated the enslaved, many people in the North and South seized upon their wanted culture racist principles (as cited in Bowles, 2011). In other words, legislation played a major step toward freedom; however, the hearths, minds, and souls of man must first change. Black soldiers returned to the United States in search of equality after the civil war; however to no avail. Instead Black Americans was confronted with cowardly White men with their faces hidden behind white sheets. In the mist of racial unjust, Black Americans were forced to fight two wars concurrently: the war abroad, and the war of discrimination in the United States. Black Americans declare firmly that the nation acknowledge their patriotism in the war by surrendering them their constitutional rights, which White supremacists denied; however, to keep Blacks in their place, Whites turned to unlawful murder.
Many forms of laws played major roles in interpreting fundamental human rights, privileges, and equal favorable circumstances in America. Regrettably, for Black Americans and other ethnic groups, the judicial system failed to prosper equality in the United States. According to Mohammed (&) Prince (2011), when considering freedom, independence for Black people held in slavery for centuries in America came following the Civil War and Emancipation; however, came with a heavy wage. During the American Revolution the Founding Fathers interpreted a chance for America completely to adopt equality. However, the Constitution only continued the transportation of Blacks, ensured the recapturing of slaves, and declared Blacks three fifths of human beings for intentions of imposing taxes, and representations.
Jim Crow laws expanded throughout America from 1876 through 1965. Exchanging the social process of governing slavery, states initiated arranging the division of the races. Government rendered sanctions along with viewpoints, and behaviors of discrimination toward Black Americans. Regardless of the Emancipation Proclamation and the enactment of the civil rights amendments, the Supreme Court more than less supported America’s racism, thus officially authorizing prejudice...

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