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African American Victimisation By The Criminal Justice System

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Are African American Males Victims of the Criminal Justice System?

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Chapter One
The United States of America is credited to have the largest criminal justice framework globally, as at 2011, seven million people were under various programs within correctional facilities and programs. Among these people, 2.2 million were incarcerated in federal, state as well as local correctional facilities. Such incarceration rates dwarf the rates of all other countries globally. However, its magnitude is not void of challenges. The criminal Justice System is ailing form a vast array of challenges. Of importance to ...view middle of the document...

Statement of Problem
For a long time racial disproportionality in arrests and correctional facilities has been eminent, African- Americans form the bulk of police arrests made as well as incarcerated inmates. This raises questions as to why this is so. To exemplify this, a survey done in 2001 by the Bureau of Justice Statistics analysis revealed that the rate of incarcerated individuals showed that of 32 percent of African American men and 17 percent of Latinos born in this century are likely to spend time in jail within their life time. On the other hand, only 6% of white males are expected to spend time in prisons in their lifetime (CRF, 2014). This victimization of African-Americans forms the problem of this research.
Significance of proposed research
The rationale behind this research proposal is to analyse the ailing Criminal Justice System accentuating on the victimisation of African-American males and the reasons behind it. This research will provide readers with facts pertaining to discrimination and its causes. In addition, the research will provide the recommendations necessary to cure the ailing Criminal Justice System based on the causes discovered. This information will provide awareness to readers with regard to this subject and advocate for reforms in the Justice system in adherence to the recommendations in order provide justice for all irrespective of race or ethnicity. The research will further pinpoint the worst hit areas and advocate for the introduction of legislation sufficient enough to mend the loop holes in the Criminal Justice System.
Research questions
Prior to the 20th century, lynching and chain- gang penal approaches were used to manifest the superiority and conflict between various racial groups. For a larger part of the 20th and 21st centuries, crime and various forms of punishment have been the most powerful evidences of racial division in the United States. This research seeks to examine the validity of this statement and the above stated hypothesis. This research will incorporate the use of secondary as well as primary sources of data. Among the secondary sources of data include; previously conducted surveys, electronic data sources and recently documented news features. The primary data will include the opinion of sociologists and criminologists with regard to this existent and fast growing menace our criminal justice system.
Among the research questions to be answered include;
1. Plea Bargaining: this will examine whether and why many criminal cases involving African Americans never go to trial, is the jury biased?
2. Jury verdicts: this will examine whether and why juries pass harsher punishments to African Americans as compared to white criminals.
3. Sentencing: this will examine whether and why African Americans receive stringent sentences.
4. Death penalty: this will examine whether and why African Americans are more prone to death penalties and life sentencing.

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