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Afghanistan is a nation comprised eight different ethnic groups and was founded in 1747 by the Pashtu tribes. The local government went through a transformation in 2004 with the adoption of a new constitution and the election of a new president. Today the nation is in turmoil due to the rise of the Taliban, and with help of the United Nations they are still fighting the war on terrorism. The local economy in the nation is doing better, due to it being landlocked. They are highly dependent on foreign aid, due to much of the country being very poor, having poor medical coverage, and housing.

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It is believed that the muslins showed resentment because of this which turned the Hindu community in to easy prey for opportunistic forces.
The presence of Buddhists, Jews and Greeks also has had a role in religion in Afghanistan at one time. The Jewish community in Afghanistan was strong until the soviet invasion. This forced many to leave and travel to Iran, but some stayed and it is believed that only two men still live in Afghanistan that are Jewish. The Buddhists religion dates back to the early BC of Afghanistan. Many Buddhists statues were built, but the Taliban regime ordered them to be demolished in early 2001. While archeologists are still finding proof that Buddhism was prevalent throughout Kabul, there are very little if any still practicing in Afghanistan. The Greek foot print is believed to have been in Afghanistan in the early years of the country and date back to Alexander the Great. While there are no known facts that any Greek religion is present in Afghanistan today, some believe that they are in hiding.
Still most believe to impose their strict form of Islam observance in the areas that they controlled. Since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, the 1964 constitution has been used as a basis for the definition of religious freedom and practices. The 1964 constitution proclaims Islam the "sacred religion of Afghanistan" and states that religious rites of the state shall be performed according to Hanafi doctrine. Religious toleration for non-Muslims has been granted, according to the 1964 constitution and the 2001 Bonn Agreement (Encyclopedia 2011).
The history of terrorism has been present in Afghanistan since the Afghan- Soviet war. The first sets of terrorists were Afghan mujahideen which were freedom fighters that were supported by the enemy of its enemy. The mujahideen were Gorilla fighters that fought in the Russian war and they were fighting against the occupier of their country. These fighters were mountains people that maintained bases in Pakistan and were independent of the government. The mujahideen were not trying to wage an aggressive war past their boundaries, but rather trying to get an occupier out of their native country. They were estimated to be about 90,000 strong in the mid-1980s and These unorganized guerrilla warriors were viewed as outlaws by their Soviet enemy and as "freedom fighters" by the Reagan Administration in the U.S., which supported the 'enemy of its enemy,' the Soviet Union (Zalman 2012).
The Al Qaeda on the other hand are a global militant organization that was founded around 1988, but have ties back to the afghan-soviet war. The Al Qaeda vowed to take the holy war past Afghanistan and the attack on the U.S. preempted a global war. They believe that after the attacks on the U.S. on September, 2011 that “the United States launched a war in Afghanistan to destroy al-Qaeda's bases there and overthrow the Taliban, the country's Muslim fundamentalist rulers who harbored bin Laden and his...

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