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Affordable Health Care Essay

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The Affordable Care Act
In today’s day in age, there are many health care payment systems that are offered to the people. One of the most well known systems is called the Affordable Care Act, which is also known as Obamacare. President Barack Obama created this health care payment system, hence the name “Obamacare”. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is also one of the more new care systems in our country. Enacted in March of 2010, it will expand health coverage to over 25 million Americans. The Affordable Care Act is broken down into three sections: coverage, costs, and care. It offers people more guarantees than other health care systems do. There are many American citizens that do not like ...view middle of the document...

This made it harder for the health care reform to be implemented. Democrats and Republics both agreed that the systematic reform of health care delivery, payment, and implementation of the Affordable Care Act are colossal jobs. “The law includes numerous health-related provisions to take effect over a 4 to 8 year period, mandates for individuals and businesses, prohibition of denying coverage or refusing claims based on pre-existing conditions, expanding Medicaid eligibility, insurance regulations, health insurance exchanges, regulations for the practice of medicine, Medicare cuts, and support for medical research,” (Manchikanti, E36).
The purpose of the Affordable Care Act is to “reform both our private and public health insurance companies, in order to expand coverage to 25 million Americans by 2023,” (“ACA Basics and Background” 2013). There are many reasons needed for this health reform. They range from a high uninsured rate to poor health outcomes and lack of emphasis on prevention. “In May 2013, the CBO estimated that 57 million Americans under the age of 65 are currently uninsured,” (“ACA Basics and Background” 2013). This represents 1 out of 5 Americans in that age group. The United States spends more on medical care than any other country in the world. “The U.S. ranks 26th among 36 OECD countries in terms of life expectancy,” (“ACA Basics and Background” 2013). Considering these numbers and the amount spent, these numbers are not what they should be. “Today, seven in ten deaths in the U.S. are related to preventable diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer, and 75 percent of our health care dollars are spent treating such diseases,” (“ACA Basics and Background” 2013). Only three cents of each dollar go towards preventing these diseases. These are a few reasons that a health reform is needed. The purpose of this Care Act is to help with the problems we currently have.
The Affordable Health Care Act is a collection of over a thousand pages of reforms consisting of the three “Cs”. The three “C’s” that make up most of this act are “coverage, costs, and care”. For the coverage section, this act “keeps young adults, under the age of 26, eligible to be covered under your parent’s health plan. It also ends pre-existing condition exclusions for children” (“About The Law,” 2012). This explains that health plans can no longer limit or deny benefits to children under 19 due to a pre-existing condition. Insurers can also “no longer cancel your coverage just because you made an honest mistake,” (“About The Law,” 2012). Lastly, this act guarantees a person the right to appeal, or ask that your plan reconsider its denial of payment. As for the costs section, it states, “insurance companies must now publicly justify any unreasonable rate hikes” (“About The Law,” 2012). Lifetime limits on most benefits are now banned for all new health insurance plans. The care section explains how “you may choose the...

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