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Affirmative Action         Some Of Americas Most Historic Amendments And Court

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Affirmative Action Some of Americas most historic Amendments and court cases have lead to the development of affirmative action. The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments which gave African American's they're freedom, guarantee's to equal protection and access to vote. The 1896 Supreme Court decision in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson which upheld a "separate but equal" doctrine. In 1941, President Roosevelt signed Executive order 8802 which outlawed segregationist hiring policies. Lyndon Johnson was the first to use the term "affirmative action" in his 1965 Executive order 11246 which requires federal contractors to " take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are ...view middle of the document...

Apparently blacks are admitted with considerably lower average SAT scores (952) than the typical white (1232) and Asian student (1254). Williams includes a number of strong premises that support his thesis. In the fourteenth paragraph he states " there is no question that preferential admissions is unjust to both white and Asian students who mat be qualified but are turned away to make room for less-qualified students in the "right" ethnic group. Most of Williams information comes from the university of California, Berkeley as well as UCLA. Williams also presents the fact that 70 percent of the 317 black students who were admitted into UC Berkeley because of affirmative action failed to graduate. Thus leading to another premise stated in paragraph 16. Williams says the fact that a special privilege cannot be created for one person without creating a special disadvantage for another. In the closing sentences of his essay William points out, what I feel is his argument in a nutshell, that even if affirmative action was not a violation of justice and fair play, was not a zero-sum game, was not racially polarizing, it is a poor cover-up for the real work that needs to be done. Nathan Glazer, writer of "In Defense of Preference" supports affirmative action. Glazer develops the thesis that "racial proportional representation would be a disaster. But basically the answer is yes-the principle of equal participation can and should be given some role. This decision has costs. But he alternative is too grim to contemplate." Glazer supports his thesis with many premises. Glazer believes that affirmative action is owed to blacks because of slavery. The presence of blacks college classes immediately introduces another tone. Glazer is his essay spends a lot of time focusing on the...

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