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Affirmative Action Paper

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Affirmative Action

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Good morning, I am pleased that you all have agreed to meet with our group to discuss why we think it is important to introduce and implement affirmative action into our swiftly rising corporation. It is apparent that our company has been on the rise within the past year, as well as hired many people from various walks of life and of female gender. We believe that by implementing affirmative action into our company it will open the doors for us to do business globally with different companies.
INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES have always supported affirmative action and what it stands for, but if you ask the opinion of others on this issue ...view middle of the document...

Affirmative action has been known to help advance many careers for minority people.
Most people will say that affirmative action has been at the center of poor morale within a company due to non minority people feeling discriminated against or feeling penalized for being a particular color or gender. But affirmative action is not just for minorities (black people) it benefits the littlest of the group to ensure equal opportunities are being provided regardless of gender or race. INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES have been outstanding when it comes to putting into practice policies and guidelines that keeps our company in compliance. By putting affirmative action into practice our company will be sure to follow guidelines and steer clear of stereotypes and not to mention will make our company free from blatant discrimination. The Labor Department has reported that affirmative action has helped 5 million minority members and six million white and minority women move up in the workforce. (“Reverse Discrimination,” 1995).
Many workers feel that diversity programs impose on their ability to work and run the company without politics and freedom. Reverse discrimination is another point that can possibly be used to deny the program, but I express to you that reverse discrimination would not be an issue that deeply impacts...

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