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Affirmative Action In The Workplace Essay

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The policy of affirmative action should be abolished in the Unites States as this practice is not making good to US society on its policy against discrimination. It is in effect violating what it is supposed to protect and could lead to other worse consequences like creating crippling effect upon minority groups because of its obvious message of inferiority , reverse racism , lowering standards of accountability hence rewarding race instead of hard work , showing that the people hired through affirmative action can lead to unqualified workers , leading to create a true `color blind` society , condescending to minorities about their need for affirmative action , demeaning the ...view middle of the document...

Another argument in support of this paper’s thesis is that affirmative action is a reverse racism but it still racism. While the concept of affirmative action apparently aims to reduce racism by mandating that females and /or non-whites be given preference in employment hiring and college admission, the same is actually producing racism in reverse and therefore defeating the purpose for which it was set up as policy. It is therefore an often obvious discrimination
against whites and /or males, often against white males since choosing
their opposites, meaning the females and /or non-whites, is automatically
not choosing the first. To require something that must be done before
applying a criterion other than color or sex is point-blank discrimination which does not need much thought. It may be argued that discrimination takes the attitude of pre-judgment without the benefits of hearing the other viewpoints.

Several justifications can be offered for affirmative action. Because, by definition, affirmative action involves working to assist society’s less-advantaged members, one reason to promote affirmative action policies is to remedy the effects of past discrimination. This remedial justification of affirmative action recognizes that wrongs have been committed in the past and acknowledges a moral obligation to set things right. Opponents of affirmative action do not contest the moral obligation to remediate past harm. Their objection to remedial policies is frequently centered on the claim that specific affirmative action policies will not help those who have in fact been harmed, but will sweep too broadly and provide benefits to those who do not deserve them. Sometimes opponents of affirmative action argue that the harm to be remediated did not occur, or if it did occur—as in the case of racial discrimination in the United States—the harm has dissipated so that remedial measures are no longer necessary.
Another important justification for affirmative action is the so-called diversity rationale. Advocates for the diversity rationale argue that...

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