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Affect Of Changing Temperature In A Reaction

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What is the affect of changing temperature in a reaction?

The higher the temperature, the more heat will be produced which will cause the potato slurry to denature quicker, because heat breaks down enzyme.

Independent- temperature potato slurry is placed in
Dependent- rate of reaction, potato slurry, H2O2
Controlled- Same size test tubes and syringes, amount of potato slurry in test tubes, amount of h2o2 put in potato slurry, amount of distilled water in slurry.


0 Degrees Celsius: Room Temp.: 75 Degrees Celsius:
15 Sec: bubbles: ¾ cm 15 Sec: bubbles 1 ½ cm 15 Sec: no bubbles
30 Sec: bubbles: 1 cm 30 Sec: bubbles 1 ¾ cm 30 Sec: no bubbles
45 Sec: bubbles: ...view middle of the document...

After every 15 seconds another observation was made to create quantitative data for more efficient measurements. There were also two identical trials done in order to make data even more quantitative.

Sample Calculations:
For each temperature measure there’s a separate section in the data table just for that temperature. The trials are put on separate data tables so there are two tables which makes it easier and clearer to observe.


The results that we came upon at the end of the experiment ended up being the opposite of what we anticipated happening in the hypothesis. In the hypothesis, we expected that the potato slurry would react quicker in higher temperatures but what ended up actually happening was that the rate of reaction was highest at the lowest temperature that we tested from. The highest temperature we tested from produced little to no bubbles whatsoever during the minute that was allotted in both trials. Limitations consisted of a lack of time to perform another trial in the experiment to be able to form more accurate and quantitative dada. To improve this lab, there should have been preheated hot plates and it would’ve also been helpful to place test tube number one into the ice at the same time test tube number three is placed in water on the hot plate so that both test tubes can be ready to be observed as soon as the observations on test tube number two were done being made. As well, if there were bigger groups, observations could be made on test tubes number one and three at the same time if there were enough people in a the group to make measurements on both at the same time.

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