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Aesthetic Industry Marketing Essay

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Aesthetic Industry Marketing
October 2012


* The NPD Group, Inc., a leading market research company, released results on the men’s skincare market. On track with the sales in the men’s current retail business, men’s skincare sales increased six percent year-to-date (January through July) 2012, compared to the same time last year, generating $45.5 million. In addition, NPD found that at least seven in 10 men are buying facial skincare products for themselves. Today’s man is more concerned than ever with looking good from head to toe and is willing to invest in high-end skincare products.
* Among the top 10 men’s sub-segments, six out-performed the category: ...view middle of the document...

, a leading market research company, over 8 in 10 (86%) women tell NPD that they use makeup products with skincare benefits. In addition, 61 percent of the women surveyed said they use makeup products with benefits that are similar to the ones contained in their skincare products.Regardless of age, moisturizing and SPF protection are the two most sought after benefits in all makeup products
* Specialty agency with S.I.M.P.L.E. formula for marketing, repackaged ideas (education, branding, loyalty, etc) but worth a look.-
* Communicating claims brings a whole new set of problems, especially when employing celebrities, or beauty “experts”. Callaghan gave the example of a celebrity who said that petrochemicals are the same as the petrol you put in your car. “Even dermatologists have their own version of the facts,” she warned. - Theresa Callaghan, Owner, Callaghan Consulting International
* “It’s easy to market to women using the language of beauty, but more difficult to men,” he said, explaining that it’s also important to understand what makes men tick. For example, King believes that men don’t mind looking older. - Will King, Founder and CEO, The King of Shaves Co. Ltd
* social media is a 2-way conversation. “If it’s not, it’s wrong.” Ideas for tapping into this conversation are to have surveys on Facebook which show that you value consumers’ input and ideas eg What’s your favourite? Give us your top tip. “You never know what will work –a lot is about experimentation, but if you don’t respond to them, you’ll lose them.” Lewis stressed the importance of responding quickly, within a few hours or the next day. “Facebook is so big and is getting bigger, attracting users from tweens to grandmothers,” stated Lewis. There were 845m active users at the end of 2011 and more than 425m active monthly users who access Facebook via mobile products. Top H&B brands on Facebook include Dove {6.9m}, Bathy & Body Works {3.2m}, Chapstick {3.2m} and L’Oreal Paris Brazil {3.1m}. - Wendy Lewis, President, Wendy Lewis & Co.Ltd
* “The relationship with brands is complicated,” said Keen, citing a Forrester 2012 study which showed that your fans are your most valuable customers. “They are more likely to consider buying, purchasing or recommending.” Ominchannel shopping is on the rise. - Amy Kean, Head of Consumer Innovation, MPG Media Contacts
* US watchdog (NAD) bans photoshopping in cosmetics ads (2011)
* According to Sean Singleton, group managing director of Skive Group, who talked on social media at this year’s in-cosmetics show in Milan, recent statistics show there are some 200m blogs and 95,000 beauty blogs, with 35-49 year old women proving to be the fastest growing group in the blogosphere.
* Estée Lauder Companies employs social media across its portfolio of brands, such as Bobbi Brown, which uses Twitter to provide tips and advice to its followers in real time. Twitter is also used for two-way...

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