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Advocating For The Juvenile Diabetic Essay

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Advocating for the Juvenile Diabetic
Jennifer McMullen
Waynesburg University
Clinical Prevention and Health Population II
NUR 422
Kristen Faust
March 05, 2012

Advocating for the Juvenile Diabetic
Juvenile diabetes, or type I diabetes, is a rapidly growing problem in this country. The name can be deceptive. Once thought to only affect children, type I diabetes can affect any age, race, or gender. The exact cause is unknown and there is no known cure. Type I diabetes is a lifelong condition that requires constant medical management and a personal commitment to health. There is a stigma surrounding diabetes and specifically ...view middle of the document...

The diabetic has few resources available to combat the constant battle their own body is raging. Advocating with and for the type I diabetic on the local, state and National level is important to us all.
Local advocating begins with education, not only of the diabetic but the general populace. Many local health centers, hospitals and fairs can provide this education. Getting involved at the community level can decrease the number of undiagnosed cases and decrease the long-term effects of the disease. Advocating in local school cafeterias and workplace lunch facilities for healthy food options can help everyone
These local activities can include fasting and random blood glucose testing and there is now a rapid A1C test. This test is a measure of the six-week average of blood glucose levels. Knowing these numbers can help the diabetic as well as the non-diabetic understand their risk for developing diabetes or long- term effects from diabetes. Talking to your primary care physician can also be a first step toward understanding risk factors. Becoming a member of your local chapter of the Juvenile Diabetic Research Foundation can also increase the community awareness of the disease. (Juvinille Diabetes Research Foundation)
Education about the treatment can also be helpful to everyone. Diabetics need to test their blood sugar often and inject insulin based on those results. While there have been strides to make this process easier, there is still uneasiness around this process in public. Diabetics are often hidden away in a bathroom stall for testing and injection. This does not have to be the case. Understanding the need for management and the importance of treatment can increase compliance.
On the state level, involvement changes more from an education role to a legislative role to help the diabetic. Mandating for healthier school lunches is big news these days. Helping children to eat better can reduce childhood obesity and have a...

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