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Advertisments Essay

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Target Market: The target market for this ad would be any one who uses lip balm, but mainly women. The lip balm seems to be a more modern lip balm so it would be more appealing to the younger girls and women but, it’s able to be used by all types of people. Also seeing that it is more of a down-to-earth type of ad, this appears to be an affordable lip balm.
Appealing or Unappealing? To me, I feel as if the ad was appealing. The colors used to produce the ad were well picked. I feel as if the idea behind the whole ad was very entertaining and because it is a product that I would purchase it made it even more appealing. What I did also like, other than the actual set up of the ad was the ...view middle of the document...

Persuasion Approach: The emotional appeal is being taken as the persuasion approach. When reading the description the first words that pop out are “The lip balm that makes you smile.” After reading that, it sparks an emotion we all love to have, smile is associated with a happy or excited emotion. We seek to be happy, this ad took the approach to hit an emotion which causes us to continue to read the ad. Also the flowers were a great touch to the emotional approach because when one thinks about receiving flowers, we also associate that with being happy and smiling.
Call to Action: The call to action would be a website mentioned at the end of the description, “” The description also mentions that you can “find your favorite eos flavor at major retailers and drugstores.” This can suggest to a reader that wants to continue to purchase the product that they are at an affordable price. The fact that the ad presents the reader with various call to actions is an intelligent move because it gives the reader a wider range of ways to purchase the brand.
AIDA: The reader’s attention is automatically drawn to the colorful products positioned as flowers. The way the company positioned the ad, it allows the reader’s eyes to transitions smoothly throughout the whole ad. After gaining the attention of the reader they transition to the interest of the product. A new lip balm that has a different shape and is made differently than other products sparks interest in a buyer. Buyers like products that are different and that haven’t been seen before. Then the desire comes in to play once the reader is interested. The desire to own a natural lip balm that will “make you smile.” By creating a relationship with the reader and putting out a unique and exciting new product the reader will hopefully will take action and purchase...

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