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Advertisment And Children Essay

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Advertisement and Children
In today's world, advertising is becoming more widespread. The major point is to increase market and educate consumers about the new products .There are many ways of advertising which are television, radio, local newspapers, magazines and etc.. Advertisers have realized that children would become the most influenced group by advertising, and also started producing childrenswear and foods besides toys and games. There is an increasing amount of advertising directed at children which encourages them to buy goods such as toys and snacks. Many parents are worried that these advertisements put too much pressure on children. Advertisements are everywhere nowadays and ...view middle of the document...

“More than 6,000 children and adolescents took part in the nationwide study, completing surveys about food they ate during a typical week. Researchers found that, on a typical day: 30% of children ate fast food. Fast food was the main food source for 29 to 38% of children. Among 4- to 8-year-olds, those who ate fast food ate 6% more food the rest of the day than kids who didn't eat fast food. Among 14- to 10-year-olds, fast-food eaters ate 17% more than other kids. On average, fast-food eaters ate 15% more calories than other kids” (
“Researchers also compared each child's diet on fast-food and non-fast-food days. Compared with kids that did not eat fast food, fast food eaters ate an average of 187 more calories a day. Among kids that ate fast food on some days, they ate 126 calories more calories on days when they ate fast food”.
An advertisement also provides beneficial, educative information to the children. Advertising to children is a sensitive and emotional issue because children are easily influenced and like to experiment with new things. For example, the advert of Disney character toothbrushes which motivates to brush their teeth twice daily is good for...

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