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Advertising Plan
In creating an adverting plan for a new type of service like The Auto Zone Mobile Mechanic will be a time consuming endeavor. Once we have this product designed and ready for use we will need to develop an appropriate adverting plan to reach potential users of this product. The advertising plan for the Auto Zone Mobile Mechanic will set the tone for the product’s introduction to the consumer. It will also set a goal for the advertising plan for over a six month period to a year before we will need to reevaluate this advertising plan and maybe come up with a different concept that will promote and sell this product to the consumers. We will need to have strong leadership ...view middle of the document...

For the Auto Zone Mobile Mechanic this would include how it is set up if it is easy to use, if it is appealing to the eye (colors use on the app makes it difficult to read), the products and services that the application is promoted to offer actually offer these services and are easy to understand to the average consumer. In Actuality this product does what it is designed to do. That while using this application to reach a mechanic that it contacts the local mechanics for the area that you are using the application in. For example if you are in Arizona that when you use this application to contact a mechanic it does not connect you to a mechanic for instance in California. With these attributes and benefits listed it will form the basis for your advertising message.
The third step in creating an advertising plan is to create our target market profile. This involves gathering detailed information about the target market. Learning the potential customers ages, income and education levels (Greene, F. 2014). Obtain information about the consumers driving habits most importantly develop a profile of potential customers purchasing habits relative to the product that we are selling. For instance do the customers we are trying to reach are do it self, that like to try and fix their own cars and made need parts or advice on certain repairs. Or if they need helping changing the oil and a flat tire on the vehicle this application offers both and all of these abilities. In knowing your target audience will help to gear the rest of the advertising plan to the appropriate audience and the appropriate tone of the message we will need to use.
The fourth step in this process is to document the customer’s media use patterns. This will help you to complete your target market profile by identifying potential costumer’s media preferences. For example determine if the typical customer prefers a newspaper with his morning coffee or gets his national and business news from his or her favorite website. In this step of developing an advertising plan you need to be careful in not compromising a customer’s personal information, compile a list of the type of print magazines they subscribe to find out if they belong to a hobbyist or a book club. Obtain customer’s website use patterns. With this information while some of it may be personal it will help you to develop the right message you are trying to send out to promote our product.
The fifth step is to study the social media marketplace. This include social networking websites like Facebook, twitter, or google plus to name three. These social media networks represent a surprisingly formidable advertising medium. Intuit...

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