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Advertising Online Anti Action Against Plastic Bags

1961 words - 8 pages

Advertising Online Anti-action against Plastic Bags


Dilmurod Allaberdiev – 209110258

Sirojiddin Hamdamov - 209110230


Sirojiddin Nomozboev – 209110259

Albukhary International University, Alor Setar, Malaysia

July 22, 2013


Miss Vino Thini, Introduction to Civil Society

Albukhary International University, Alor Setar, Malaysia

Table of Contents:
Summary 3
Introduction 3
Background of proposal 3
Statement of problem 3
Urgency of problem 4
Scope of the Proposed Solution 5
Original Elements 5
Products and Beneficiaries 6
Potential Benefits of Implementation 6
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o Background of the Proposal

Plastic bags seem to have become one of the main issues of the world and the demand for Plastic bags is increasing beyond our wildest expectations. It can also be said that demand for plastic bags is probably increasing around the world. Jacobsen, Sh. (2005) says,”every year, around 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. 500,000,000,000. Five hundred followed by nine zeros. That's a lot of bags. Over one million bags are being used every minute and they're damaging our environment”. In turn, the huge number of plastic bags is affecting to the several factors including environment and biodiversity. For example, Plastic bag pollution exists in Central Asian countries, the country and neighbor countries of the writers, and AIU also can be taken one of the examples which there is high usage of plastic bags. However, this project proposal plans to create a page in and a group in in order to fight against plastic bags.

o Statement of the Problem

This section can illustrate the urgency of the problem or situation through four elements:

▪ For instance, plastic bags are creating several problems to the local people of Central Asia. A great number of plastic bags can be seen in streets. Plastic bags are making the streets untidy. Moreover, as the plastic bags produce chemicals, agriculture of Central Asian countries is being affected by plastic bags;

▪ Misusing of the plastic bags is one of the problems in AIU as well. According to the speech of the warden of AIU, Mr Rosle Wong, in the meeting which is conducted in AIU campus, “plastic bags can be seen on the grounds of the university and students are throwing plastic bags without being aware of the negative consequences of the plastic bags to the environment. There is a high misusage of plastic bags in campus”;

▪ Globally, plastic bags also affecting the biodiversity and environment as well.

2. Urgency of the Problem

▪ According to the report of Wild Tracks (2011), “there are 39,600 deaths of children around the world who die from asphyxiation from plastic bags”

▪ “Jenni Wiltz (2011) says,” Californians alone use 19 billion plastic bags every year. It costs the state about $25 million per year to make sure the discarded bags end up in a landfill—that cost rises into the billions when you add up how much it spends to clear trash, including plastic bags, from its waterways”

▪ According to the above points, it can be said that the problem is so urgent due to even plastic bags are able to kill people with asphyxiation and the price of the cleaning and recycling the plastic bags are also very expensive.

3. Scope of the Proposed Solution and objectives

This proposal can show instructions of how to...

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