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Advertising Ethics Essay

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Advertising Ethics
Volume I: What is advertising ethics
1. Confucius' view about advertisement.
2.Definition of advertising ethics
VolumeⅡ: Ethical and Unethical advertisements
3. Why advertisements should be ethical.
4. An instance of unethical advertising
5.An example about ethical advertising
Volume Ⅲ Conclusion
7 .Clarity is not difficult to attain.

What is advertising ethics
A disciple of Confucius once said to him "There is a beautiful gem here. Shall I put in a case and lay it by; or shall I seek for a good price and sell it?"
"Sell it by all means," answered Confucius," Sell it by all means; but, if I were you, I should wait until the price was offered."
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Since they are consciously aware of appeals made in advertising, they are free to choose whether to respond to an ad or not, once they found cheated, they wouldn't buy this kinds of products again. In the contrast, ethical advertisement is an important way to keep consumers and establish a long-term relationship with customers. Also if customers feel that the advertisement is morality behaviors , it leads to more sales, which means more jobs. Putting it like that is a tad simplistic, but it is fundamentally true- as any business leader or economist will confirm. Moreover, when they have jobs, they pay taxes: taxes that fund government expenditure on education, health, law and order, and all the other social amenities we value.
It seems that there are so many disadvantages of making unethical advertisements, but the problem is unethical advertisements still exists, even for well-known brand. I would like to take electronic industry as an example. At the end of 2004, Lenovo with creation invited IBMPC, which could improve company's brand awareness and make those products as popular as Dell and HP, in order to keep competitive, HP made an advertisement in Taiwan, the advertising Language is ""which had a bad effect on Lenovo in 2005. At the same time Dell also did advertising which is about a salesman sells an ice cream to a customer, but the ice-cream is taken by an obese middle-aged man, and then gives ice-cream to customer after taking a lick. Superficially there is not a big deal, while the implication is this middle-aged man is behalf of distributor of PC industry, China makes use of local strengths and occupy largest PC team. Dell wanted to remind customers that the distributors made lots of profits before consumers buy computers, for Dell, it is...

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