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Advertising Critique Essay

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Captain Morgan’s is an infamous brand known around the world due to their impressionable and savvy marketing schemes. Captain Morgan’s advertising campaign called “Got a Little Captain in You” uses a variety of promotional tools to create brand exposure allowing for all messages to be linked together (O’ Allen, Allen, and Semenik, 2011). Captain Morgan utilizes promotional tools such as: advertising, sales promotions, point of purchase advertising, social media, billboards and branded entertainment. The implementation of these tools by Captain Morgan in their campaign helps to create an integrated communication strategy; speaking consistently with one voice all the time delivering a ...view middle of the document...

The target market that this campaign wants to reach in Canada is aimed at young, urban-swashbuckler men (Crosariol, 2011).

The commercial “how do men sneak out for a night out to town with their pals” is a humorous commercial, targeting young males who are in a relationship and desperately looking for some time away from their women. The men in this commercial use unconventional methods to get away from their wives by making them believe that they are still at home; they will do just about anything to get away. Captain Morgan appeals to young males who connect with this commercial because they find it entertaining, drawing in their attention by using humor. Using attractive women and average looking males is a tactic that Captain Morgan employs to allow males to connect with this commercial on a personal level. By having average looking males associated or involved with attractive females and having them enjoy an amazing night out with friends, suggests that this lifestyle is easily attainable. Capturing the audience’s attention by using unusual methods allows for this brand to break through the clutter, which, in return gives them a unique selling proposition. This commercial draws upon the stereotypes that men are actually not a smart as women even though they think they are. Men want to wake up the next morning and tell their friends about the genius plan they came up with so that they can all laugh and share experiences. The decision to use this commercial on television is appropriate because it engages the audience and depicts a lifestyle in which the majority of males would desire. The way in which they use actual people and visuals is a suitable tactic as it ensures a humorous picture is painted.

Captain Morgan’s marketing strategy enables them to illustrate a lifestyle that appeals to a large number of people. However, a dilemma that arises is the inability to control who their audience is, thus, the issue of increased alcohol consumption by youth becomes a reality. An article called the Effects of alcohol advertising exposure on drinking among youth states that youth who are exposed to greater advertising on alcohol tend to drink more each year (Snyder, Milici, Slater, Sun, & Strizhakova, 2006). “Diageo spends 13.9 million dollars on advertising and each additional dollar spent on advertising expenditures correlates to a 3% increase in drinks consumed.” (Austin & Knaus, 2000). An article written by Henry Saffer states that “Advertising creates the impression that, for a relatively small expenditure, young people can psychologically connect to the positive fantasy places, lifestyle and personality characteristics that it portrays.” Captain Morgan’s commercials show that by drinking Captain Morgan’s you are one step closer to living your fantasy of having a little captain in you. Research has linked exposure to portrayals of alcohol use in the mass media with the development of positive drinking expectancies by children and...

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