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Advertising And Promotion Essay

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Apple Inc.
Discuss how various forms of IMC can be used to communicate with its target audience by taking an audience or touch point perspective.
Various forms of IMC can be used to communicate with its target audience by taking a touch point perspective. In this case Apple understands that buyers’ observations and attitudes towards its brand are the consequences of the information they receive and see out there, and from experiences they have had with their products. They know that not all touch points will be effective and the customer’s purchase behavior is not something they can control with every technique they use.
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The way they take charge of the interaction with their customers is highly motivational. The staff at an Apple store will always greet you with a smile and ask you if you need help or have any questions. They are all dressed in the same blue shirts and that helps you recognize who will help you. They are well trained and ready to assist you with any technical questions you might have. They also have a lot of product information in their website and it makes it easier for the customer to explore more of their products. The website is easy to navigate through and has animations that show you their product images in high quality.
Unexpected touch points are references or information that the customer receives, for example from family members, friends and other people, that the company doesn’t have any control. There are a lot of website that have great reviews about Apple products and this helps other people read comments about the quality of the product and helps them decide whether to buy that product or not. Worth-of-mouth is one of the most influential between consumers, because when you receive good feedback from a friend or family member about a product you immediately start to questions if you should buy that product too. Apple has done a lot to make the people talk about their products and this helps the sales of their products tremendously. I am a happy Apple customer and although I still have the iPhone 4 I am looking to get the new version of the 5S just because I have had good experiences with the brand and would recommend it to anyone.
Customer-initiated touch points happens when a customer contacts the company through their customer service or inquiries of their product. Some people like to call a company and ask for their product information before they purchase it and it is then when the company needs to have a good organization and should attract the customer even more to make the purchase. Some companies are even promoting their good customer services through their advertisements and this helps people to know that after they buy the product they will rest assure that the company will be there to help them. Apple has a great way to set up an appointment for you to go and take your defective product to the store. I haven’t heard so far of any other company that does this. Yes you can...

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