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Advertising And Promoting An Opening Of A New Hotel In Latvia

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Task 1


Advertising is the element of promotional mix, which is widely used before opening of the hotel. In order to communicate the marketing message of the hotel being a part of world- known hotel chain and brand is a way to maintain a high level of quality in all the hotels (Dudovskiy, 2013). Four Seasons brand has a slogan “Fifty Hotels. Twenty-Two Countries. One Philosophy.” Which changes whenever a new hotel is opened or new country is penetrated. Such means of edvertising are used as online banners, posts in newspapers and magazines, street banners and TV or radio podcasts.
Also Personal Selling is used beforehand because stable connections with tour operators, tour ...view middle of the document...


Advertising definitely continues during the process of operation, including advertisements in magazines including Forbes, Financial Times and The Economist to attract more corporate clients, billboards, street and online banners and other means of advertising.
Public Relations takes places during the time of operation as press releases in newspapers and magazines. Also charitable contributions may continue and seminars on these cases can be held in the hotel.
Direct marketing allows business to communicate straight to the customer with such techniques as emails, websites, online ads, fliers, outdoor advertising and others.
Sales promotion is another important element to attract potential customers by creating a loyalty cards, distributing vouchers and introducing special discounts.
As we are living in Internet and technology era, very important mean of communication is online, with special applications for IPhone and Android Phones, social media, Facebook and other webpages.

Month | Advertising type (P) | Costs (M) | Explanation of choice (M) | Target Auditorium (D) | Reason of Targeting (D) |
January | TV promotion on EuroNews (100 time X 30 sec) | 10 000 EUR | Because the channel frequently airs news about upcoming opening of the hotels and international channel attracts more potential customers | Business and corporate clients | Because corporate and business clients ids hotels main target auditorium |
February | Online banners (15 side box banners X 28 days) | 3000 EUR | Because nowadays most of the people use internet and banners can draw attention effectively | Frequent travelers because ads posted in such web pages as, and others | Because its easy to draw their attention to something new and they are a real possibility to become a customers of our hotel |
March | Magazine ads placement (5 monthly magazines) | 1000 EUR | Magazines such as Forbes and The Economist are presented in big companies which may draw their attention | Large, International companies | Because they are one of our target segments |
April | Radio podcasts in Riga Radio ( 100 times X 45sec | 5000 EUR | Radio ads are meant for locals to be introduced to the hotel and they would be podcasted during 7-11 in the morning when most of the people are getting to work | Local adults | It can create word-of-mouth effect and even locals can be attracted to having events or wedding in hotel |
May | Russian Magazine ads placement (5 monthly magazines) | 3000 EUR | These Magazines are presented in big companies which may draw their attention | Large, International companies | Because they are one...

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