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Advertisement Paper

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When you wake up in the morning, do you look in the mirror and say “Wow, I’m beautiful,” or is your first thought might be “I must put on makeup!” Most women usually rely on their makeup to make them feel beautiful. Research finds that one in every three woman refuse to leave their house without makeup on. We're flooded every day with advertisements of images and descriptions of what the perfect body needs to be. We're asked to compare ourselves to them, noticing how we don't measure up, which causes extreme anxiety. But, what really is beauty? Why has there been a set standard for how you must look? Media has truly ruined the minds of women by creating an image that is impossible to attain.
Women all around the world spend thousands of dollars to temporarily cover their own beauty. This is where the question “Why do you ...view middle of the document...

Their ads show girls that don’t even have pores making anyone who reads it feel as if their skin isn’t good enough.
In these Maybelline commercials, they have tall, skinny, flawless models. They always do a close up with the camera and there are no blemishes on their faces whatsoever, because it is an advertisement for makeup. These advertisements for Maybelline all have a magical effect on the viewer. They almost take you to a different place, a different universe feeling hypnotized. Most of the makeup is trying to show that it is a natural look, but no makeup is the only natural makeup!
Jillian Stacom is a good friend of mine from home. Since she was a child, Jill starred in many different TV commercials, movies and print advertisements that have been viewed around the world. As she grew up all the interviews where she would be judged head to toe got to her. Jill felt as if she needed to be as perfect as the women are portrayed in the media. In pursuit of the “perfect” body, a negative addiction to exercise developed. At only the age of 15, she became negatively addicted to exercise and also developed an eating disorder. Once she hit her breaking point, she was hospitalized for over a month. Jill quit the modeling industry and now preaches “I am the happiest in my own skin and the media isn’t going to change my mind anymore.”
Although I am not saying that all advertisements play a negative roll on women, they mostly have to do with the thought of the “perfect body.” Even though it has changed drastically from a curvy to a boney structure, women have done everything to obtain this look. “Never before has there been so massive an industry to foster and cater to woman's innate desire for personal attractiveness.” Women and men all over have moved on to photoshop and even surgery to ultimately attain the results that they desire.

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