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Advertisement Essay

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The Ad That Sucks You Up
Jamie Andres

The Ad That Sucks You Up
For women in the 1940’s the thought of working outside the house was absurd. Cooking, cleaning, and babies seemed to be all the public thought they were capable of. With men being the working type, using women on ads of household appliances seemed to work wonders for the producers. It is believed this advertisement was effective because the producers knew that using women as a cover to a product intended for housewives would make the targeted audience want the product more. Hoover had more going for it than the female targets though; they had bonuses, never seen technology, and great ...view middle of the document...

They used this to their advantage, they knew if they could appeal to a woman, a man would have to soon buy the product or suffer the consequences. Besides, this benefited the husband, his wife was able to get more home duties completed in more efficient time and have a nice supper waiting for him. This ad was shown in 1949 for a Hoover vacuum cleaner and the images were drawn, where as in these modern days we either use photography or digital imaging. This black and white ad uses a plain font that wouldn't be appealing to the public now, due to the bright colors and new fonts they have invented. To us it has an antique look to it, however, compared to the time in the mid-nineteen hundreds it was considered the latest styles and trends of ink and lettering format. Back in this time this ad was seen as a very modern, top-notch ad, compare it to one our modern advertisements as used today, and it would not even catch a glance from consumers.
"No other cleaner does this-no, not one!” exclaimed by the Hoover advertisement in 1949. This was the perfect logo chosen at this time considering what the Hoover Model 50 had to offer. According to the ad, the Dirt Ejector "simply clicks the dirt out." By the Dirt Ejector clicking the dirt out it was less of a mess for the cleaner to have to deal with. They wouldn’t necessarily have to “get their hands dirty”, so the saying goes. One of the benefits of this particular advertisement was the fact that at the time Hoover was able to use the Dirt Ejector to prove their logo factual. However, this is only one of the advantages of this Model. For only $79.50, the consumer would get the Model 50 as well as cleaning tools in a handy kit, including mothimizer, and a sprayer. The image shows...

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