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Advertisement Detection 2 Essay

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Advertisement Detector

Advertisement Detector
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End users always prefer to avoid advertisements during personal recordings. Recognition based algorithms play important role in detecting advertisements in the personal recordings of a program on TV. This paper presents a simple and operative technique for detecting advertisements in a video program. The method to carry out this is to first recognize the finest audio feature to spot advertisement border for the video along background music. Taking this process further it is extremely important to detect the border, novel method is used to serve ...view middle of the document...

There are two types of prevailing advertisement detection methods (Harris, & Stephens, 2008).
There are many general problems associated with commercial direction during the personal recording of any program on TV most of these problems are associated with video processing to add to it scene break detection, video segmentation, and video indexing and retrieval also contribute in complexity of the overall process. Having said this there are some characteristics of commercial segment that can be used to detect the commercials (Lienhart, Kuhmnch, & Effelsberg, 1996). For example commercials are almost always grouped in a block, which generally includes 5 to 10 advertisements.
One of the most important characteristic that can be used for detection of commercial break is defining silences and black frames (Sadlier et al, 2002). Diagram below shows detection of black frames.

Detection of black frames
In this method average intensity value related with the image on the screen is used to detect that black frames. There is another characteristic that can be used for commercial break detection is high cut rate which is generally associated with commercial breaks (Sadlier et al, 2002).

Figure mentioned below shows that during the start and end of every commercial block and between the two commercials present in each block there are many frames of monochrome black are on display. It also has been observed that last two or three commercials are dedicated to promotions of upcoming shows. Many channels tend to remove the channel logo during the commercial break (Harris, & Stephens, 2008).

Monochrome black in commercial
One more hint for detecting commercials during program is commercial breaks are spaced or scheduled at the same time intervals.

First algorithm is future based
Recognition is the base of second algorithm
There is a definite relation between black frames and stillness of the audio this relation is used as a base for detection of the break during the program in fact this relation form the strategy of this process as it works as an indicator or pointer for the borders of the advertisements the process of investigation is conducted in uncompressed as well as compressed domains. Diagram below shows how recognition based algorithm works during the beginning phase.

Recognition based algorithm
These are specialised video database systems that are used for the purpose of maintaining records of the known commercials and in order to detect the commercial break the segment of known advertisements is compared with segment under scrutiny here query by example method is used to serve the purpose. If these two segments are matching with each other then the segment under scrutiny is definitely is a commercial segment (Neoh, Asher, & Hazanchuk, 2004).

Future based algorithm
There are specific regulations of each region regarding the broadcasting process...

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