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Advertisement And It's Effect Essay

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Instant noodles are really popular in Nepal as it is easy to cook and affordable as well. So, we can find more than 100 varieties of noodles and as a consumer I always choose Wai Wai noodles among other products as it is healthy, hygienic and tasty compared to others. It also holds higher goodwill in the market. I visited the Wai Wai factory during my high ...view middle of the document...

There was a felt involvement in me while watching the commercial as it made me feel nostalgic about my older days spent back in my country. And it reminded me of our culture which I have been missing for few months. While watching the advertisement of Wai Wai, I was actually having my breakfast, so during that time I was not really motivated to eat it or cook it. Even though the commercial was very good and the noodles looked very delicious I didn’t want to eat it as I was not hungry and noodles for breakfast is not very tempting. If I was watching a pancake or any cookie commercial during that time then I would obviously want to have it for breakfast as the foods on the commercial looks special and tastier than it actually does. Like for instance, the foods that McDonalds or any other restaurants publicizes, looks so appealing that it suddenly makes you hungry but in reality those foods doesn’t look anything like the way they have been advertised.

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