Advertisement Analyzing Essay

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Wei Ning Chi
Professor Woods
English 1A
20 Feb 2011
Advertisements Analyzing Between the Advertisements of Chanel’s Fragrance “No. 5”
and Givenchy’s Fragrance “ange ou demon”
Advertising promotes goods, services, images, and anything else that advertisers want to broadcast. It is becoming a main element of mass media. In order to attract audiences, advertisers use various techniques on their advertisements to make people aware of the firm's products, services, or brands. Even though the techniques used by advertisers are infinite, they have a common goal to convince those who might be their consumers to purchase their ...view middle of the document...

Her hair displayed by curl shape that has been already tied neatly on her head. She was wearing a black valuable watch on her left hand. Her face represented a peaceful expression.
First, the light source seemed to be the top central of the advertisement. The light was only falling oblique on the woman’s body, part of the golden ruffles within the wood, one slice of rectangle carpet, and the perfume bottle. Yet, the light was not lighting up most carpets in the background of the advertisement.   This method of lighting made the woman standing out and resplendent in golden perfume bottle. The whole image comprised by multiple colors which were lamplights displaying golden light to the woman and the bottle, the nude beige of the woman’s skin and her dark brown curls, the dark black eyeliner and mandarin orange eye shadow clear showing on her eyes, the cherry red lips on the face, the combining black and silver color watch, the yellow white boots, and the golden ruffles surrounding within the dark brown word doors, and also the platinum cover on top the yellow bottle of the perfume white square background and the black texts inside within  the yellow surrounding outside. 
Second, the ingredients of the advertisement complemented the perfume. The oblique light from the lamplight made the mature lady and the perfume standing out because the areas of light mostly covered by the woman and the perfume. This helped to obtain the viewers’ attention directly to the woman and the bottle. The woman wore a black long feminine qualities dress gave an impression that the woman was donned to the perfume bottle. The perfume bottle also seemed to be evoked the luxurious and classical that the woman had. This will attract the viewers to buy the product.
Third, the focusing color combination is simple but set off the significance of the perfume. The black dress and the black watch that the woman wore, the black eyeliner on the eyes, all revealed the breath of noble. The dark brown curls of hair made the woman look more mature. The makeup that she used in the image all displayed by light color that made of woman looked more temperament. All these color ingredients imply the sensation after using the perfume. The decorating was by platinum cover, and the shiny yellow of the perfume bottle even evoked the noble elegant for the perfume.  
Third, the position of the woman fits the work absolutely and conveys the message successfully to the audience. She bent her back, and her hands lightly touched the handles on the door demonstrated a rather seductive pose. Her facial expression further gave a flavor of peaceful look that seemed to be the message of mature the producers wished to put forth through the advertisement.
Last, the background setting by the dark brown woods is very appropriate because it exhibits the imagery of "the world's most legendary fragrance.” Also, the decorating of the lamplights and classical wood doors all evoked a classical elegant...

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