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Advertise And Promotion Essay

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HNC/D Business Studies

Advertising and Promotion

(Unit 18)

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Kamal Bikram Shrestha Areeba Zafar

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Task 18.1


Communication is a important features of human expression which may be by sharing the information, creating the understanding between each other, or two persons. The communication is the most important thing that we should keep in mind so that a person working for a organisation can communicate with the ...view middle of the document...

They are related to each other and in order to make the advertisement in law, the advertisement agencies must be within the rules and regulations. The misleading information should not be given. While clients must be able to give the up to date information required to advertise when things get changes.

Task 18.1


Communication is not only the tool in the marketing, it is also a human skill which makes a person creative and can communicate with confident. The process of communication is to receive the information and give the information. In this process of receiving and giving the sender and the receiver have the ability of encode and decode the information provided, so that they can understand each other. Though the way of giving the message be same but when we interpret it may be in the different way. So the communication skill should be good within the person so that he can give and receive the information provided.

To promote and advertise something is not only the creativity and attraction of the people, but it should be meaningful. The advertisement should not be misleading information. Some advertisement have good creativity but they cannot get their goal as they don’t relate the product in the advertisement which leads them to the failure or they cannot reach their goal. The advertisement doesnot mean that we have to spend lot of money in attracting the people but, it can be presented in such a way that it can reach its goal and achieve the goal. Eg. There are many phone companies like Iphone , Nokia Samsung etc but most of the people wants to go for iphone first and then for other because of the demand and needs of the time, as iphone have lots of applications and functions in it, compared to others. Iphone doesn’t advertise by its own but different network companies advertise for them as it is the need and demand of the customers, which is the purchasing power of the customers.

Level of models:-

a. Cognitive

It is the stage in which gaining knowledge, knowing remembering and judging and problem solving are included by the advertisement companies to create awareness in the mind of the customers.

b. Affective:-

It is concerned about the attitude of the customers towards the product, which also relates with developing the interest of the product toward the customers.

c. Stage behavioural:-

It is concerned with the behave of the customers towards the product. It is concerned how they behave and the nature of the customers.

As each and every customers (human) have own way of communicating with other, their own personality so none of the model can be explained to an individual.

Task 18.1


Trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. There have been lot of communication media developed and created in last decade. There was only email facilities in the past for the mean of communication but now we have...

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