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Advantages Of Electropalatography Sensor Essay

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Advantages of Electropalatography Sensor:-

1) EPG has the facility to provide visual feedback of tongue-palate contacts. The tongue position is placed on the computer screen and flashing lights indicate the electrode the tongue touched.
2) It records alveolar, post-alveolar, palatal, velar placement, and registers specific
characteristics for consonants.
3) The EPG allows objective assessment and provides a dynamic visual presentation
of articulatory goals that are normally not seen.
4) EPG can contribute to the diagnosis of speech disorders by revealing information relevant to underlying deficits, information not available from ...view middle of the document...

Child was given a cochlear implant three years ago. Child was treated 2 times a week for 45 minute sessions. The aim was to use the EPG to help her achieve the correct articulation by visual feedback initially and eventually by tactile and proprioceptive feedback. The sessions were divided into two main parts: The establishment of correct tongue positions using the EPG and to ensure that the positions could be maintained without the artificial palate or visual feedback.
The results indicated a significant improvement in the production of voiced/voiceless velar plosives. Improvement was also observed in the production of voiced/voiceless velars. This was maintained 5 weeks after therapy indicating a generalization of skills. Child’s responses indicated good intelligibility for all words post EPG therapy, in comparison with speech/language therapy.

2) Articulation disorders - Gibbon and Hard castle (1987) described the effects of using EPG to remediate a lateral lisp in a 12 year-old boy. Therapy involved four 1 hr. weekly sessions, with each time the training progressing. It progressed from producing static lingual palatal contact, to producing contact with an air stream, and through progressively more complex utterances. By the 4th session, the child could produce appropriate /s/ and self-correct when errors occurred. Contact patterns were recorded 6 months after therapy and approached the normal pattern. Gibbon and Head castle (1987) concluded that auditory impressions and phonetic transcriptions were inadequate at describing ordered speech. With the use of the EPG, they were able to focus therapy on reducing contacts in a specific region of contact (palatal).Without the use of the EPG, this diagnostic and therapeutic intervention would not have been possible.
This remediation technique showed that children benefited from learning new articulatory gestures, rather than learning to correct isolated errors.
3) Phonological disorders. With these types...

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