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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pursing An Mba

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Pursuing an MBA

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pursing an MBA
The decision to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration is a difficult, personal decision. In fact, I categorize it as a life changing decision. For instance, this decision is like most major decisions people make. Whether the decision is over buying a home, changing careers, starting a family or buying that dream car, it is usually laced with advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, and benefits and consequences. Whether or not those advantages and disadvantages are tangible, quantifiable and measurable, most would agree that they exist and they sometimes have life changing affects. ...view middle of the document...

However, I will include sources who argue that the advantages of earning an MBA outweigh the disadvantages and vice versa. Once my personal analyzes was complete coupled with an understanding of where I wanted to be in the next 20 years with my life and career, the decision was easy to decide that the advantages outweighed the disadvantages.
The Disadvantages

The disadvantages of pursing an MBA are real and must be thoroughly analyzed before an appropriate and logical decision can be made. In doing that, I discovered that the financial cost of earning an MBA was a major disadvantage. I soon found like so many other people who are grappling with this decision that “tuition, books, school fees, and other academic expenses all add up to an expensive education, especially from a top notch school” DegreeDiectory, (2010). The hurdle of an additional financial burden wasn’t the only disadvantage I had to consider. I also had to decide if I were willing to adjust my personal life to set aside the necessary time to study, attend class and complete the enormous amount of coursework that is required to finish an MBA program. I have a beautiful family. My family includes a virtuous wife, an active son and a curious daughter who demands a significant amount of attention and personal time. Additionally, I am active in my church and serve as a Minister and Sunday Schoolteacher. Couple this with my current job requirements that sometimes require me to work in excess of 50 hours a week and I was faced with yet another disadvantage for pursuing an MBA.
In addition to the financial cost and the serious commitment that I have to have in order to earn an MBA, I discovered another disadvantage. The final disadvantage was my inability to understand if an MBA would help me become a more capable and effective manager. Unlike most folks pursuing an MBA, I don’t need an MBA to improve my financial condition or help me land my dream job. I need an MBA to help me become a more proficient, organized and effective manager so that I can help my employer and its people become more successful. On the surface, one would argue that an MBA would do just that and even more. However, given my critical personality, and according to the Jungian 16-Type Personality Assessment Week Two Supplement (2010), “I tend to over analyze everything and that usually results in me not taking an educational or personal risk that may benefit my long-term interest.” These disadvantages were valid and required serious thought and consideration. They also had to be weighed or compared against the advantages before I could decide if pursuing an MBA was the right decision.
The Advantages
The advantages of pursuing and earning an MBA were many and seemed to be apparent to me. The first advantage that stood out appealed to my desire...

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