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Advanced Strategy Case Essay

3000 words - 12 pages

Advanced Strategy Case
Ingersoll Rand

Victoria Antsiferova,
Student ID: 20117747
MBA 555
Business strategy
Laura Williamson
March 20, 2016
Table of Contents:
Ingersoll Rand company overview..………………………...………………………….………3
Case study…………………...…….…………………………………………………………….4
Strategic analysis of I.R……...……………………………………………………...................9

The purpose of this Case Study Analysis is to implement the knowledge that was gained during the course MBA 555 Business strategy. In the first part of the analysis will be described the history of the company, its products, ...view middle of the document...

(Ingersoll Rand, 2016)
Some fact about the company:
1. About 70% of workshop air in the USA is made by the equipment Ingersoll Rand;
2. Ingersoll Rand - the official supplier of compressors for the Government and the Ministry of Defence of the USA;
3. Since 1996 the Ingersoll Rand compressors are used in Kremlin, Moscow;
At the moment the organization contains more than 50 thousand people who are working at 150 enterprises worldwide, with 8 billion dollars of annual turnover. The fact is that, the majority who heard about the Ingersoll-Rand company considers that this company is a manufacturer of the equipment for the mining industry and construction, although this firm is also the world's largest supplier of advanced technologies with the famous trademarks which is taking the leading positions on the market of the industrial equipment.(Ingersoll Rand, 2016)
The thing is that, the company provides the products for household security and air conditioning. In addition it also has been the developer and the owner of patents for production of various types of compressors, filters, dehumidifiers of the air and climate control solutions for buildings and commercial vehicles, for instance such brands like: Hussman, Koxka, Schlage, CISA and Thermo-King are widely known among the consumers. As for the compressors the most common brands are: BOGE, VMtec, IPS, Kaeser Kompressoren, Spitzenreiter Compressor Technics, Ingersoll Rand, Remeza. Today, the compressor of I.R. is one of the most reliable and durable machines which has proved its quality by working even in extreme conditions.
Equally important can be considered the driving engines used on the SSR and SIERRA models (the special pride of the organization), which has been developed for severe conditions of operation, they were created in order to work on smooth functioning at a temperature up to 46 degrees with a large supply of durability at unforeseen temperature increase of the soaked-up air. Apart from that, the conglomerate has Club Car subsidiary which specializes on manufacture of light cars and SUVs. Ingersoll Rand is included in the list of Fortune 500 top companies of the world and has many branched worldwide, its plants located in Europe, India, USA and Great Britain. (Ingersoll Rand, 2016)
Case study
“After a decade of portfolio transformation, company leaders were operating in silos rather than in cooperation; they tended to be directive rather than inclusive; and the culture was risk-averse rather than encouraging calculated bets.”(Carter L., 2013)At that moment Michael Lamach became the company’s CEO in 2010, there were thousands of staff all around the world who had just started to know the information o the company they worked in.
“Afterwards the management of the company has thought that it needed an internal reconstruction and focus on global integration, leadership and talent management issues. Success would require a strategy as well as a commitment to the idea that...

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