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Advanced Quality/Management System Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria

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The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (herein referred to as Baldrige) was enacted into law in 1987 in order to encourage U. S. industry to pursue competitive improvements. The major thrust being the improvement of quality of product and services. The award was named after a former Secretary of Commerce who was killed in a rodeo accident. It is administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that in the Commerce Department.

The award winners are required to share (non-proprietary) information on successful performance strategies and actions, and benefits derived. Eligibility allows for two awards in each of three categories:
• Manufacturing companies
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The site visit is to verify and clarify the information in the application as was noted by the examiners in Phase II.
6. The site visit involves the review of data and reports, interviewing personnel and rectifying the items that required verification and clarification. Once all items in question have been addressed the senior examiner leads the team (of five to seven) through a review of all the category/items and adjusts the comments and scores accordingly. Again, the modified application and senior examiner (reflecting the team’s views) recommendation is submitted to the judges.
7. The judges make the final cut and recommend the winners to the Secretary of Commerce to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
8. All participants that go through Phase I and Phase II receive a feedback report. The report states the strengths and areas that need improvement for all categories/item in the Baldrige criteria.

Some of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winners include:
• Motorola
• Xerox Business and production Systems
• Milliken & Co.
• IBM Rochester (MN)
• Federal Express Corp.
• Texas Instruments Defense and Electronics Group
• Eastman Chemical Co.

The aforementioned eight steps describe the formal process for award participants, but that is only half the story. The...

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