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Advanced Hr Essay

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Psychosocial hazards are workplace stressors or work organizational determinant that can place pressure on the psychological and physical health of employees which includes absence of social support from superior or colleagues, role uncertainty, absence of rewards and lack of respect for workers and the work they perform (Leka and Houdmont 2010).

In this article, research was conducted on a group of Japanese workers to analyse the relationship concerning organizational justice (procedural and interactional) and psychological distress. The purpose of this study is (a) to determine whether low procedural justice and low interactional justice will result in higher risks of ...view middle of the document...

The participants were categorised according to gender and employment contract (permanent or non-permanent employees) using a series of multiple logistic regression analysis. The contract of employment details was extracted from the organization personnel data and were categorised into 5 groups. The K6 scale was utilized again after one-year follow-up.
The results reviews that there is a possibly that low procedural justice is a vital predictor for psychological distress in non-permanent female workers.

Accuracy, reliability and validity

The generalization of the research should be done with caution, however the author have cited some of the literatures which are out-of-dated, with references that is beyond 10 years. As a result, the validity and reliability of the research might have been affected.


The researchers have conducted an in-depth research with a number of measure approaches, based on different classification of the employees participated. This provided a rich description on the subgroup difference and the way employees react to the organizational justice. Besides that, the researchers have also conducted a follow-up research on one year after it was carried out to revalidate their results. The article is logical with the appropriate measures approaches used and it is supported with many numerous valid supporting references from different authors.


In the recent study, organisational justice was being found to be new evidence to psychosocial predictor of health (Marko, Mika and Juss 2002). The pursuit of justice is a fundamental aspect which will cause a significant impact on the health and mental stress on the permanent and non-permanent employees at work (David, et al. 2004). However, the evidence may still be inconclusive for there may confounding factors underlie with the association on the psychosocial hazards. For example, some of the psychosocial risk factors could be the lack of job control, the intensification of work, social support, sexual harassment, violence at work and so on (Emmanuelle, et al. 2007).

The authors may need to take into consideration that there could be such stressors which might be a contributing factor in the influence of the results of this research. As such, organisational justice might not be the sole contributor which associated to the job insecurity and the psychological distress on the employees.

With the utilization of the questionnaire to collect data, it is indeed a quicker approach to collect data and gather information. But on the other hand, there is no opportunity for the researcher to ask the participants for clarification and refocus on the information they need. This may impede on the setting of clear risk descriptions and the data might not be reliable as there could be a possibility of imprecise response and participants might interpret the questions differently. Therefore, the study might not be generalized.

According to...

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