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Advance Project Management Pm587, Quiz Essay

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Advance Project Management PM587, Week 3 quiz
Keller Graduate School of Management

Week 3 quiz covers material from Weeks 1 2 and 3

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1. Question : (TCO A) You work for company Bravo and have been asked to create a presentation for the Board of Directors to explain PPM. Your presentation is to include a comparison and ...view middle of the document...

In addition to making sure the projects selected will utilize the organizations resources effectively and efficiently. Where as the Program Management Team’s (PgM) primary goal is to organize & manage the group of interrelated projects that are closely related in strategies, rules, and objectives. These programs are also used to monitor the interfaces of the different projects and prioritize the resources used. Program managers have to be as savvy as the Project Managers even though they may not be managing the day to day project task. Where as the Project Manager (PM) is interested in completing his/her individual project or projects successfully. Their objective is to optimize the organizations’ investment by meeting the project’s schedule and projected cost with the resources available. There job incorporates a lot of planning, just to name a few of the things that they have to do are develop a list of deliverables, objectives, create a WBS, risk & environmental analysis to identify and plan for complications using change controls. Benefits Bravo can expect to see when implementing PPM, PgM, and PM In a nutshell the benefits of all three of them is the ability to achieve a higher probability of success through coordinating efforts & providing centralization of resources to ensure successful change management The Project Portfolio Manager (PPM) increases that probability by supplying primary direction to the Program Management Team (PgM) and Project Managers (PM) with well defined strategic goals and objectives to help them with develop organize the project plans. As a result, Program Management Teams (PgM) have become the long sought after connection that is resolving many of the common challenges that Project Managers have been plagued with over the years. Organizations get to see a better return on the investments, because the PgM keeps the groups of individual Projects in sink and focused on achieving the company’s primary mission. It helps the PPM implement business strategies through an integrated portfolio of projects involving bridging the gap between multiple project teams along with executive-level stakeholders within an organization. Consequently, allowing the organization to benefit from the Project Manager’s (PM) ability to focus on staying in line with the projects cost, time lines, and delivering a quality performance. The successful implementation of change management by all 3 of these groups results in financial benefits and organizational


2. Question : (TCO B) In project orientation it is important to determine both the project needs from the project’s perspective and from the organization’s perspective. From the project’s perspective the main areas of concern are project scoping, project programming, and project autonomy. In your own words, explain what is meant by project scoping.

Student Answer: Project Scoping is done to provide a detail explanation of the projects deliverables....

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