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Advance Of Delegation Management Essay

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The advantage of delegation for the manager is that delegation allows managers to do much more than what they would do if they were working on their own. The advantage of delegation to the subordinate would be a given chance to shine or to show their talents and most importantly the can be able to learn from their experiences in carrying out important ...view middle of the document...

Another disadvantage of delegation is the abuse of authority, some managers feel that they can just push employees around just because they believe their title gives them authority to do so, this leading to the making of the working environment a stressful and abusive place to work at. Even though delegating seems to pay off on both sides when practice correctly, some managers choose not to delegate, in fear that the task would not be done correctly on just for the simple believe that his/ her employees are not competent enough to carry out such tasks. As per my experiences, I use to be the subordinate on my previous job. I learned a lot form this experience because it gave me the chance to do some of the work that my manager would do. The main advantage was that I was able to learn new skills and learn to take large responsibility for the organization.

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