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Advance Composition Experience At The Hospital

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Chantal Seukpanya Advance Composition Mr. Tatge 26 January 2009 The experience that changed my life Back when I was eight I was mischievous, a bit anxious to get what I wanted. I didn’t quite listen to my mother very often and tried to get my way all the time. My mother had a heart surgery; she had a heart murmur her life was in a death and life situation. From then on I changed my whole point of view of how my mother was an important part of my life it definitely changed my ways. I was sitting in my bedroom one night, and I overheard my mother, telling my father that she was having heart surgery. I really didn’t know what to say, I didn’t ...view middle of the document...

I went inside my room and just felt lonely like I didn’t want to be bothered. The next day, I woke up found out were going to visit my mother at the hospital. I saw my mom laying on the bed still, with a lot of cords connected to her. I was still clueless but, this time I knew that her life was in a death and life situation. I gave her a kiss and around me I saw my family praying, they were in joy that she, had survived the heart surgery. So, we headed back home and on the way home, I felt a little bit better and thankful inside that she soon was to come back home. So, she came home the following weekend and we had a cookout, the kids were playing and my mom was home safely and laying down resting. In my eyes all I could feel were tears of joy know that God let me keep her for a little bit longer until he needs her of course. I realized how this whole experience changed me. I took my mom more serious, and tried to listen to what she told me to do. I think my mom became my best friend actually, she is. I also learned how to appreciate my family and friends more. I learned that tomorrow is not promised today; Therefore, I should take life one day at a time. This changed my life in seeing a whole different point of view. Instead of taking people for granted I should be a more caring person in life. Today, I still think like that, I love mom to death, she has been one of my biggest support in life. Without her, I wouldn’t know what to do in life.

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