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Advance Ais Essay

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Other AIS Development Approaches

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Advanced Accounting Information Systems


• We’ll also discuss how to hasten or improve the development process through:
– Business process reengineering – Prototyping – Computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools

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Advanced Accounting Information Systems


BUSINESS PROCESS REENGINEERING • Business process reengineering (BPR) is the analysis and redesign of business processes and information systems to achieve significant performance improvements.
– Reduces a company to its essential business processes. – Reshapes organizational work practices and information flows to take ...view middle of the document...

- Require those who use the output to perform the process. - Require those who produce information to process it.

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Advanced Accounting Information Systems


• You centralize operations to achieve economies of scale and eliminate redundancy. • Michael Hammer has set forth several principles • You decentralize operations to be more that help organizations successfully reengineer responsive to customers and provide better business processes: service - Organizetechnology, you don’t tasks. to choose. • With around outcomes, not have - Require those who use the output to perform the – Corporate-wide databases centralize data. process. – Telecommunications technology disburses it to the organization. - Require those who produce information to process it. - Centralize AND disperse data.

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Advanced Accounting Information Systems


• Michael Hammer has set forth several principles that help organizations successfully reengineer business processes:
- Organize around outcomes, not tasks. - Require those developing a new product, include thethe who use the output to perform on Example: In process. development team at least one person from each involved department, who produce information to process it. - Require those so the right hand will know what the left hand is doing and the process will be smoothly integrated. - Centralize AND disperse data. - Integrate parallel activities.

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Advanced Accounting Information Systems


• Michael Hammer has set forth several principles that help organizations successfully reengineer • In a processes: business traditional system, there is a layer of worker
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bees and several layers of manager bees, Organize around outcomes, not tasks. auditor bees, and controller bees. Requirereengineered system, the people who do the • In a those who use the output to perform the process. have decision-making responsibility. work Require those who produceenables their decision – Information technology information to process it. accuracy. Centralize AND disperse data. – Controls are built into the Integrate parallel activities. process itself. Empower workers, use built-in controls, and flatten the organization chart.
Advanced Accounting Information Systems 10

• Michael Hammer has set forth several principles that help organizations successfully reengineer business processes:
- Organize around outcomes, not tasks. - Require those who use the output to perform the process. - Require those who produce information to process it. - Centralize AND disperse data. • Instead of having each functional area running its own AIS - Integrateentering the same data, use source data automation, and parallel activities. EDI, workers, use built-in controls, and source - Empoweretc. to capture data electronically at theflatten and disburse it to...

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