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Advance Acidemics Journal Entry Essay

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JOURNAL ENTRY 1: Aspects of Surface Culture and Customs (pp.21-22)
In this activity, you’ll explore various aspects of surface culture and customs you have experienced in school.
Remember: The five suggestions for creating a meaningful journal appear earlier in this section. Please review these suggestions before writing. Especially remember to copy the directions for each step (just the bold print) into your journal before writing …. and then DIVE DEEP!
1. Contrast the surface culture of your most recent educational experience (e.g., high school, another college or university, a trade school) with that of your current school. From the following list, choose two or more surface-level ...view middle of the document...

Overall, students here in college seem to average about 10 years older than students in high school. A couple of the older students that I’ve talked with went to college before and dropped out. These returning students seem to be more highly motivated and they take their schoolwork more seriously than the younger students. For example, they hardly ever miss a class and they always turn in their homework. Maybe what I should do is ….

Use present tense
Use all five senses
Feel the feeling

Age of Students and clothing:
I began taking practice courses for my GED the beginning of this year, I remember looking around the room to scope out the age demographic. As I looked around the room uncomfortably, I was extremely surprised to see about 95% of the class in their early to mid-thirties. After 10+ years of not attending school I was worried about being the oldest one in the room. Many of the other student were somewhere of the age of 30-45 and could relate to my situation. A few of them were in the same boat as me, mothers that choose to put their education aside to care for their families but were ready to step out of the comfort zone by going back to school. Each day I looked forward to attending class it was motivation knowing others were just like me.
Fall semester I began classes at Pikes Peak Community College I see a greater age range of my fellow classmates. I’d say most students are 18-55. Although the ages range I tend to see more students under the age of 25. Looking back I was a little intimidated starting out. I felt I was “too old” and compared myself to some students who were young adult’s fresh out of high school. Well I couldn’t of been more wrong, I’ve gained so much knowledge in the last few weeks from several young students. I can proudly say that I’ve taken the time to learn how they think and relate to certain things. Many of the conversations have taught me how differently youthful minds think and left me saying to myself “why didn’t I think of that”. Some of the knowledge I’ve gained has helped me on few different occasions relate to my oldest daughter who is a sophomore in High School. Sometimes being out of your comfort zone may be an advantage. In this case I feel it has been for me, I love having classes with younger students who have different visions, and many of them are inspirational.
I’ve noticed that many of the older students tend to be the “leader of the class” that the younger students feel more comfortable with and go to when help is needed or direction with an assignment. This semester I’ve noticed that many of the 27+ students seem to be a little more organized and on time with assignments. After attending Pikes Peak College I’d say that there is about a thirteen year age difference from the GED practice testing classes I attended previously to my college classes now. I really think that it’s a huge advantage being with both older and younger...

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