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Adv & Disadv Of Using Information On The Internet

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Discuss the Advantages & Perils of using information from the internet
The Internet (or World Wide Web) can be known as a kind of global meeting place where people from all parts of the world can come together. The internet service is available through your internet friendly device, i.e. computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, where just about everything under the sun is now at the fingertips of anyone who has access. Information in abundance!
Of course with anything there are advantages & disadvantages on information usage.
1. Access - The internet is a virtual treasure trove of information, any kind of information on any topic is available. The powerful search engines available on the internet can help you to find data on any subject that you need.
2. Convenience – because of the nature of accessing the internet you can have the information or means to acquire the information quickly, and just about anywhere. For example, in a ...view middle of the document...

5. Ease of sharing – now with email it is much easier & faster to contact & share information with others rather than physically having to post it in the mail or arrange a meeting.
6. Time efficient – It can take seconds to send an email as opposed to days to receive a letter. Seconds to get a result from the search engine when looking up specific information, rather than taking a trip to the local library or maybe the records room in the office.
1. Viruses - By accessing online information you are exposing your device or network to viruses. They may erase important files or cause the device to crash. There is a good possibility that anyone ‘surfing the net’ could contaminate their device or network with viruses by engaging or downloading unknown content.
2. Misleading Information (Reliability) – information that is presented as accurate or important may in fact be inaccurate and misleading. It would be absurd to believe that “if it is on the internet, it must be true.” Anybody can put anything on the internet, so using a system or criteria to evaluate the quality of the information will hopefully minimise the chance of being burned by falsities. Always consider the source and verify unusual information.
3. Brain storming – now with what is available on the internet people seem less likely to have brain storming sessions where they can share information and bounce ideas of one another, the lack of personal interaction can lead to poor socialisation.
4. Illicit Content – can be easily accessed and thus exposing children to information or content their parents or teachers don’t want them to encounter e.g. pornography, instructions on how to make a bomb or religious propaganda.
5. Hackers - access your personal information for identity theft. There is so much sharing of information that unscrupulous people may access your device and use your personal information for fraudulent activities.
6. Spam – vast quantities of useless emails. This overabundance of information can cause you to miss important information/messages or simply waste time.
7. Con Artists – people can be cheated by con artists who use information to advertise seductive products on the internet.

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